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Agenda and minutes

The Former Environment Scrutiny Panel - Oct 2000 to May 2005
Thursday, 10th March, 2005 9.30 a.m.

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham

Contact: Dawn Mitchell, 822062  Email:

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Questions from members of the public and the press.


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Neighbourhood Standards - Food, Health and Safety

A.        Introduction to the Service    Food Hygiene

                                                            Food Standards

                                                            Health and Safety

                                                            Animal Health


B.        Framework of the Legislation – Food Standards and Inspection


C.        Scope of the Work


D.        Performance of the Service 2004/05


E.        Current Issues in Food Hygiene


F.         Question


Janice Manning, Manager of Food, Health and Safety, introduced her team and explained their roles and responsibilities.  The following presentation was then given to the Panel:-


Introduction to the Service

Part of the Neighbourhood Service and, under the new structure, came under Neighbourhood Standards and the Food Health Safety Team.  The Unit covered Animal Health, Food Hygiene, Food Standards and Health and Safety.


The staffing of the Unit consisted of an Animal Health Inspector and an Assistant Animal Health Inspector (DEFRA funded), 4 consumer and administration support staff and 2 Principal Officers responsible for 10 Environmental Health Officers and 1 student. 


The newly adopted neighbourhood approach streamlined the Service and dealt with food from the “farm to the fork”.  The public and businesses now had 1 Team to deal with instead of 3.  It linked to the priority “to provide effective enforcement and advice which delivers high standards and equality of life in our communities” which would be achieved by:-


§               Work with businesses to deliver required standards

§               Implement a programme of education, advice and information

§               Develop further targeted enforcement programmes

§               Ensure the effective introduction of a new enforcement and licensing legislation.


The Service contributed to the Corporate Plan and the new Vision for Rotherham under Rotherham Achieving, Live, Safe and Proud. 


Framework of the Legislation

§               Food Safety Act 1990

§               Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

§               Animal Health Act 1981

§               Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

§               Guidance on Legislation           

         Statutory                        Approved Code of Practice

                                                Food Safety Act

                                                Health and Safety at Work Act


            Non-Statutory              LACORS





Health and Safety

Routine inspections of work places were carried out to identify dangerous activities and concentrated on priority topics which included slips and trips, work related stress, musculo-skeletal injuries and working from a height.  Enforcement action was taken where necessary in order to protect public/employee safety.


Food Standards

Extensive food sampling and inspection programme was carried out to ensure the requirements of the Service were met.  250 food samples had been submitted so far.  High risk inspections were targeted.


As well as inspections of food businesses:-


§                     Advice was given and enforcement action taken where necessary

§                     Complaints from members of the public were dealt with together with any requests for help from local businesses

§                     Samples of pre-packed food were taken and tested to ensure it conformed to its label

§                     Samples of local produced food to check that it was a local business who was complying with the requirements of the Law

§                     Checking of labels e.g. ingredients, average weight, country of origin, additives

§                     Testing of alcoholic drinks for ABV and authenticity


Animal Health

The Service was responsible for ensuring that all cattle, sheep, pigs etc. were located in hygienic conditions and a database was kept of all the farms in Rotherham and inspected in accordance with a risk based programme.  Enforcement Notices were served on owners/keepers of livestock to rectify contravention of Law.


There were certain actions  ...  view the full minutes text for item 132.