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Agenda and minutes

The Former Cabinet Member for Economic and Development Services - Oct 2000 to May 2005
Monday, 18th April, 2005 9.00 a.m.

Venue: 3rd Floor conference room, Bailey House, Rawmarsh Road, Rotherham

Contact: Democratic Services Manager 

No. Item


Waverley Link Road

Transportation Unit Manager to report.

-         to inform Members of the outcome of consultations on the need for a new road and possible routes.


Consideration was given to a report, presented by the Transportation Unit Manager, relating to the results of consultation to establish residents’ views on the four proposed options for a link road.  A plan showing the sample area boundary and postcodes within that area was distributed to Members.


It was reported that 9,400 questionnaires had been sent out and 1,045 had been return and analysed.


The results of the analysis were set out in Table 1 in the report.


It was noted that the Council’s preferred Option was Option C.  However, most respondents selected Option D because it was felt it had less impact on residents, gave the most relief from traffic and took traffic away from residential areas.


It was however reported that a further option, Option E, had emerged from the consultation.  It was felt that, although this route was more technically difficult and more costly, it had considerable merits and the Consultants had been asked to prepare a scheme appraisal and include the option in their screening work.  An outline description of Option E was set out in the report.


Consideration was given to the three proposed methods of providing feed back on the outcome of the consultation and reference was also made to the winners of the prizes that had been part of the consultation exercise.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the Waverley Link Road Consultation – Draft Report be received and noted.


(2)  That the results of the consultation be publicised when the draft report is finalised.


(3)  That a further report be submitted to a future meeting on which option should be pursued.


Draft Tourism Plan 2005 - 2008

Tourism Officer to report.

-                  to present the draft Tourism Plan 2005 – 2008.


(An Email copy will be sent to Elected Members and Officers.  Copies of the Plan will be available at the meeting.)


Consideration was given to the draft Tourism Plan for 2005-2008.


It was explained that the draft had been based on priorities in the draft Corporate Plan, Regeneration Plan, Community and Cultural Strategies and was centred on the theme of “Rotherham Proud”.


The covering report set out the six key objectives within the plan.


It was reported that following the inclusion of Members’ comments it was proposed to send the draft out to consultation including to the Tourism Forum, Rotherham Partnership, Yorkshire Tourism Council, neighbouring local authorities, Parish Councils, the Rotherham Cultural Consortium and to other service areas within the Council.  A timetable for taking the document forward was appended to the report.


Members made various suggestions for additions, amendments and deletions to the document.


Reference was made to the SWOT analysis and it was reported that measures were already in place to address some of the issues identified as weaknesses.


It was pointed out that the document would be subject to changes and revisions to the plan would be undertaken throughout its lifespan.


Members praised the report and acknowledged staff input.


Resolved:-  That the draft document be amended along the lines now discussed, and approved for submission to the Tourism Panel and Regeneration Board.


(The Chairman authorised consideration of the following item in order to progress the matter referred to.)


Orgreave Community Fund - Consideration of Provision of Funding for a Bid from Treeton Parish Council

Major Applications, Minerals and Waste Manager to report.

-                  to consider provision of funding for a bid from Treeton Parish Council

(Exempt under Paragraphs 5 and 8 of the Act – grants and expenditure)


Further to Minute No. 191 of the meeting of the Cabinet Member for Economic and Development Services held on 21st February, 2005, consideration was given to a report, presented by the Major Applications, Minerals and Waste Manager, relating to the administration of the Orgreave Community Fund.


Members were informed that a bid had been made by Treeton Parish Council to fund the extension of contract of a Community Capacity Officer for a further year.  The main duties of this post were set out in the report.


It was reported that the Head of Financial Services and the Head of Legal Services had examined this submission and considered that the provision of a community capacity officer would fall within the terms of the Section 106 agreement.


Members referred to the success of this post during the past year and to the value of the work undertaken.


Resolved:-  That £14,000 be released to Treeton Parish Council, as a contribution to the funding of a Community Capacity Officer for Treeton, from the Orgreave Opencast planning gain monies in accordance with the Borough Council’s financial regulations.


(Exempt under Paragraphs 5 and 8 of the Act – report referred to grants and expenditure