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Agenda and minutes

Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder
Monday, 17th March, 2008 2.00 p.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham.

Contact: Dawn Mitchell 

No. Item


Exclusion of the Press and Public

Resolved:-  That, under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3  of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 (information relating to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the Council))


Resolved:-  That, under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 (information relating to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the Council)).


Minutes of meeting held on 21st January, 2008


Agreed:-  The minutes of the meeting held on 21st January 2008, be approved as a true record.


Matter Arising


BME Housing Design Protocol


Further to Minute 32 of the meeting held on 21st January, 2008, it was noted that the above protocol was to be renamed and amended to make the document relevant to equal access to any user group, rather than solely for the BME population.


ADF Chairs' Reports

-        reports by ADF Chairs/Programme Co-ordinators for:-


·              Rawmarsh and Parkgate ADF

·              Rotherham East

·              Wath and Swinton

·              Rotherham West

·              Town Centre


The respective HMR Managers gave the following reports:-


Town Centre

  • Imperial Buildings
  • The Old Market
  • Keppel Wharf
  • Turnpike Wharf
  • 19-21 Moorgate
  • Hollowgate
  • 12 Doncastergate
  • Westgate Chambers
  • LOTS programme
  • LOTS:  Phase 1, 10-12 High Street
  • LOTS:  Phase 2, 2-4 Westgate
  • LOTS:  Phase 3, 22-30 High Street
  • Town Centre Residential Strategy
  • Environmental Improvements – Minster Yard – Main Street Enhanced Lighting – Town centre Art Consultation


Rawmarsh and Parkgate

  • Goodwin Avenue
  • Mahon Avenue
  • The Rectory, Rawmarsh Hill
  • Manor Farm Mini Masterplan
  • Improvements to Gateway Corridor A633
  • St. Mary’s scheme
  • Sandhill, Bridleway Service Centre
  • Parkgate village
  • Bellows Road
  • Better Public Places – various


Rotherham West

  • Henley Rise ECO Homes
  • Canklow Woods
  • Fernbank Development
  • Ferham Road Development
  • Bennett Street Development
  • St. Johns Green Study
  • West Central Sustainable Action Plan
  • Meadowbank Road
  • MasbroughAlleygates
  • Henley Rise Environmental Improvements
  • Development of Shrewsbury Terrace and Munsdale


Wentworth North

  • Almond Place Development
  • Whitebear Development
  • Albany Road, Kilnhurst
  • Highfield, Brameld Road/Rookery Road
  • Cliffe Bank, Swinton
  • Swinton Gateway
  • Brampton Bierlow/Knolbeck Lane
  • Thomas Street
  • Sports games area in Swinton
  • Stock Condition Survey (Chapel Avenue, Knolbeck Lane)


Rotherham East

  • Wood Street and School Street
  • Dalton and East Herringthorpe Development Framework
  • Eastwood Masterplan – larger homes
  • Fitzwilliam Road, Eastwood
  • Chesterhill Avenue, Dalton
  • Broadway East


Westgate Demonstrator Project Update

-        report by Mike Shires, Implementation Team Manager.


Mike Shires, Implementation Manager, outlined the matters set out in the report circulated.


The Westgate Demonstrator Project (WDP) is one of Rotherham Council’s key regeneration schemes within the town centre and is central to the delivery of both the Housing Market Renewal Programme and the Rotherham Renaissance Charter. The report updated Members on the progress made in a number of key areas.


Key areas identified were :-


-                      Site 3 The Old Market

-                      Site 5 KeppelWharf

-                      Site 1 Imperial Buildings

-                      Site 2 All Saints Building

-                      Site 4 Weir Side


Discussion took place with regard to:-


-                      progress on acquisition of Westgate Chambers

-                      progress on Market Street site

-                      demolition of existing All Saints Building

-                      current position with regard to Natwest

-                      funding and how projects are prioritised within the Programme and how funding streams will be used for the activity

-                      office space and retail space within town centre

-                      development agreement

-                      LOTS mortgages


Joel Gouget, Finance Officer, reported that the Town centre spend targets will be achieved by the end of March 2008.




(1) That the progress to date be noted.


(2)  That an Action Plan be incorporated into future town centre reports showing progress on ‘Living Over The Shops’ (LOTS) clearly showing how many units are sold/let and what initiatives are being used to do so.


Wath Town Centre Update

-        report by Chris Brown, Place Shaping Co-ordinator.


         Appendix 1 to be circulated on the day.


Tom Bell outlined the matters set out in the report presented.


The Wath Town Centre Masterplan Study was commissioned to look at the future of Wath Town Centre, building upon the original baseline work carried out and the resultant Wath and Swinton ADF Masterplan completed in 2005, which identified Wath Shopping Centre as a key intervention area.


At the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder Meeting on 12 November 2007, Minute No.16 (4F) Members received an update report on the Wath Town Centre Masterplan and requested a further report on the viability of the project, to be presented to a future meeting.


The report provided further details and analysis of the three intervention options identified in partnership working, the risks and barriers to delivery of those options and the options available to progress a deliverable programme of intervention in Wath Town Centre, for Members consideration.


The meeting discussed:-


-                       PCT’s plans to build a medical centre

-                       Community and Elected Member expectations

-                       Resources for delivery – both internally and externally

-                       Cultural advantages

-                       Business elements

-                       Demand regarding Council’s Capital Programme

-                       Wath Library

-                       Links with Doncaster/Barnsley


Agreed:- (1)  That the three investment options and the issues identified for Wath Town Centre be noted.


(2) That the ADF Steering Group for Wath and Swinton agree prioritisation of the programme activity for 2008-11.


(3)  That a site visit for ADF Chairs and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Economic Development Services be arranged to Wath town centre.


Shared Ownership Housing Action Plan

-        report by Tracie Seals, Affordable Housing Officer.


Tom Bell outlined the matters set out in the report presented, together with the key elements of the Action Plan.


At the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder Meeting on 21st January 2008, Minute No: 30 (3) Members requested an Action Plan setting out how Shared Ownership would be promoted in the Borough as a viable, affordable housing option.


The report provided a proposed Action Plan for Members’ consideration and approval and examined shared ownership in accordance with the following headings:-


v     The shared ownership situation in other local authorities

v     How shared ownership is developed

v     How shared ownership is accessed by applicants

v     Who is eligible for shared ownership

v     Marketing of shared ownership homes

v     Financing of shared ownership home purchase, and

v     The costs involved in purchasing shared ownership homes


If marketing and promotion of Shared Ownership as a viable housing solution in Rotherham was not successful, new build housing would mainly be for sale and social rent, in other words, at the extreme ends of the range adversely impacting on those in housing need.


The Council would not have enabled housing options for those people that did not wish to rent and that could not afford to buy outright at the current market value. It was essential that the Council continued to drive forward opportunities for home ownership.


Furthermore the Council would not assist in the development of sustainable, cross-tenure communities in line with the Governments review, ‘Delivering Housing and Regeneration: Communities England and the Future of Social Housing Regulation.


The meeting discussed:-


-                       Shared Ownership Interest/Potential blockages

-                       Quality Assurance

-                       Public Sector backing

-                       Role of specialist lenders

-                       Involvement of “key choices”

-                       Training and advice

-                       Percentage split of ownership


Agreed:- (1) That the report be noted.


(2) That the actions contained within the Action Plan be supported.


(3)  That an update report on progress against the actions be submitted to Cabinet in two months’ time.


HMR Financial Report

-        report by Joel Gouget, Finance Officer.


Joel Gouget, Finance Manager, Neighbourhood Investment Team, introduced a report which provided information relating to the financial monitoring of the HMR Pathfinder Programme in 2006-08.


At the end of January 2008, the Pathfinder programme has delivered £12.9 million of investment.   In addition a further £1.9 million of spend was delivered at the end of February 2008 to achieve £14.8 million of investment and match the HMR Pathfinder allocation granted to Rotherham for the period 2006-2008.


Work was now progressing on the stretched spend target of £17.3 million.  On the strength of its programme delivery, the Neighbourhood Investment Team has secured an additional £0.5 million of HMR Pathfinder funding taking the Rotherham Pathfinder allocation to £15.3 million for the period 2006-08.  This additional funding opportunity was created by spend slippage across South Yorkshire and will reduce Rotherham’s over-programming at end of March 2008.  The additional funding will be transferred back in the next programme.


The risks have been analysed in relation to Rotherham not delivering its commitment to spend to meet the HMR Pathfinder allocation at the end of March. The overall risk is rated low to medium as the projects scheduled to be delivered match and exceed Rotherham’s Pathfinder funding allocation.


The South Yorkshire funding allocation for 2008-11 has been confirmed by CLG with Rotherham’s allocation close to £27 million.  This represents a strong commitment to the Rotherham programme with a 26% increase on the year-on-year funding, in a context of a budget reduction for the region.  The Rotherham Pathfinder programme will be aligned to the confirmed funding allocation and Rotherham’s over-programming commitment will be determined for future periods.


Agreed:- (1) That the report be noted.


(2) That a further report be provided at the next meeting.


West Central Masterplan Update

-        Presentation by Uzma Sattar, Programme Co-ordinator.


Karl Dalgleish, Ekos Consultants, gave a powerpoint presentation on the above, with particular reference to Stage 4 of the commissioned work.


Stakeholder consultation resulted in the development of options which have been taken to community consultation events in the West Central areas in October/November 2007.


The presentation gave details on:-


-                       Baseline Analysis which provided an understanding of the area, how it functions, the people within it and their housing and neighbourhood needs.

-                       Series of Themes were developed these included comprehensive development, neighbourhood pilots, connectivity and cohesion.

-                       Design Vision focussed on high quality urban environment to live, work and play with a focus on six distinctive neighbourhoods/character areas,  The vision for the area is to build on the eco homes concept retaining industrial heritage and improving the property choice.  The area should be matched with strong community facilities and green corridors.

-           Programme Summary highlighted that there is a potential investment of over £200 million over the next 10 years.  The major funder is expected to be the Private sector; A total of 1,000 new homes on 17.3ha land have been proposed including four and five bedroom houses with the potential of a quarter of these being delivered by 2011; An introduction of 1900-sqm of new commercial floorspace and a further 280 properties improved.

-           HMR Priorities – streetscape improvements within the holmes/Ferham area; Ivanhoe Industrial area – site acquisition and development briefs; stock condition survey – Thornhill; enhanced town centre connections (Masbrough)

-           Next Steps amend draft masterplanning document to reflect consultation comments and present to NAS Cabinet member and Regeneration and Asset Management Board for approval


Discussion ensued on the following issues:-


-                       Need to retain leisure/recreational space on the old Thornhill school site

-                       Housing Market Assessment in relation to mix of stock and balance on the Ivanhoe site in view of the number of 4/5 bedroomed properties

-                       ECO Standards

-                       Rents – affordability

-                       Rateable Values

-                       Involvement/views of Planning Officers and discussions with regard to LDF

-                       Reduced Capital Receipts to ensure the quality of design and wider neighbourhood regeneration needs are met.


Agreed:-  (1)  That the content of the presentation be noted


(2)         That ward members views are set out in subsequent reports


(3)         That the presentation be given at the next meeting of the Regeneration and Asset Board.


(4)         To note that the Masterplan be submitted to the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel in due course.


Dalton and East Herringthorpe Masterplan Update

-        Presentation by Kalpana Desai, Programme Co-ordinator.


Paul Sallin, Taylor Young Consultants, gave a powerpoint presentation and update on the above.


The work followed an extensive consultation process and set out a 12 year Proposed Plan for a £350m scheme.


The meeting was informed that a set of broad principles had been agreed the key principle of which was to create 4 distinct stable villages – East Herringthorpe/Dalton Parva/Dalton Brook and Dalton Thrybergh.


The presentation set out suggested models on the four sites which included the potential for demolishing 600 homes and building 2300 new homes, within a high quality landscape setting including sustainable local service centres. The total project value was estimated to be £352m which required £17m public subsidy


Discussion ensued with the following points being made:-


-                       need to consult with Environment Agency re. protection of kingfishers in the River Don

-                       Compatibility with LDF

-                       Affordability

-                       Reduction of Council housing stock


Agreed:-  (1)  That the presentation be noted.


(2)         That ward members views are set out in subsequent reports


(3)  That the presentation be given at the next meeting of the Regeneration and Asset Board.


(2)   To note that the Masterplan be submitted to the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel in due course.


(3)  To note the need for a wider debate on issues raised regarding the Delivery Programme.


Strategic Acquisitions Update

-        verbal report by Tim Devine, Development Surveyor.


Tim Devine, Development Surveyor, gave a verbal report on the latest situation with regard to Strategic acquisitions.


TSY Board

-        verbal update.


The meeting was informed that funding had been secured for the 2008/11 programme


Shared equity problems were discussed by the board.


The audit findings of Delivering Design Quality on South Yorkshire developments was  presented


Any Other Business


The meeting discussed the future format of this Committee in view of the large number of agenda items and need for full debate on issues presented.


Ideas for further consideration consisted of:-


-                       Chairs Workshop/Conference Day

-                       Decision making/Governance review

-                       Presentations to Area Assemblies


Agreed:-  That Tom Bell discuss the above issues with Tim Mumford, Assistant Chief Executive, regarding the Council’s Constitution.  


Date of Next Meeting


Agreed:-  That a further meeting be held on 30th June, 2008 at 2.00 p.m.