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Agenda and draft minutes

The Former Cabinet Member for Waste and Emergency Planning
Monday, 23rd April, 2012 9.30 a.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, ROTHERHAM. S60 2TH

Contact: Debbie Bacon, Senior Democratic Services Officer, Committee Services. 

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Minutes of the Previous Meetings


·              Cabinet Member for Waste and Emergency Planning held 20th and 27th February, 2012.


·              Cabinet Member for Waste and Emergency Planning held 5th and 19th March, 2012.


For signature by the Cabinet Member.


(See White Book – Minutes presented to Council on 18th April, 2012)


Consideration was given to the minutes of the meetings of the Cabinet Member for Waste and Emergency Planning held on 20th and 27th February and 5th and 19th March, 2012.


Resolved: - That the minutes of the previous meetings of the Cabinet Member for Waste and Emergency Planning be approved as a correct record for signature by the Chairman.


Emergency Planning Update


Anthony McDermott, Emergency and Safety Manager, attended the meeting and provided an update in relation to Emergency Planning, Health and Safety and Business Continuity issues, drawing attention to:-


Business Continuity and Emergency Planning


·              The procedure for National Emergency Mortuary Arrangements (NEMA) and local arrangements were the subject of discussions with appropriate agencies and a Local Resilience Forum review was due to commence shortly.


·              Progress on the L.R.F. website.


·              The possibility of a fuel crisis remained, but business continuity arrangements had been reviewed.


Health and Safety


·              Building work completion at Whiston School.


·              Waste Inspection – 11th May, 2012.


·              Annual Statement Report completed and would be circulated later today or early tomorrow.


Resolved:-  That Anthony McDermott be thanked for the update and the information be noted.


Waste Update


Adrian Gabriel, Waste Manager, attended the meeting and provided an update in relation to waste management issues.  These included:-


·              Meeting on 22nd May, 2012 with Sterecycle to discuss their Fibre Management Plan in detail.


·              Recycling performance in relation to the Sterecycle contract.


·              Refurbishment completion at Lidget Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre.


·              Green waste and cardboard recycling update.


·              Development of “Bring Sites” contract with a current waste partner.


·              Defra’s Household Reward and Recycling Fund – potential bid to be submitted.


Resolved:- (1)  That Adrian Gabriel be thanked for providing this update and the information be noted.


(2)  That a three month update on progress on household recycling be submitted in due course.

(The Chairman authorised consideration of the following item in order to progress the matters referred to)


Enviro-Crime Enforcement Update


Consideration was given to a report presented by Mark Ford, Safer Neighbourhoods Manager, which gave an update on the Enviro-Crime enforcement activity within the Borough.  It detailed performance on a range of issues over the last two business years and an overview on how innovative methods of enforcement in deprived neighbourhoods had progressed and the established zero tolerance approach continuing to be used to ensure Rotherham was effectively tackling Enviro-Crime and other linked issues.


The report also examined the partnership work the service undertook to achieve shared goals and how enforcement activity compared with other neighbouring authorities.


Further information was provided on the service reviews and associated team re-alignments, enforcement overview and the need for a zero tolerance approach, which was to be forwarded to the Cabinet Member for Town Centres, Economic Growth and Prosperity for endorsement.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the appraisal of enforcement activity be noted.


(2)  That the continuation of the current zero tolerance approach to Enviro-Crime enforcement irrespective of the location of the offence be reconfirmed.