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Agenda and minutes

The Former Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development
Monday, 16th July, 2012 10.30 a.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH

Contact: Debbie Bacon, Senior Democratic Services Officer 

No. Item


Peter Hatfield, Corporate Transport Manager, Streetpride, Environment and Development Services.


The Cabinet Member welcomed Peter Hatfield who had recently taken up the post of Corporate Transport Manager, Environment and Development Services.  The Cabinet Member wished Peter well in his new role and looked forward to working with him in the future. 


Opening of Offers. pdf icon PDF 24 KB


Resolved: -  That the action of the Cabinet Member be noted in opening offers on 2nd July, 2012, for the Former Park Lea Nursing Home, Doncaster Road, Clifton, Rotherham.  


Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Model and Local Development Framework. pdf icon PDF 35 KB

-        Matthew Lowe, Engineer, to report.


Consideration was given to the report presented by the Transportation and Highways Design Engineer, Environment and Development Services, that referred to the contract that had been agreed between Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Sheffield City Council to procure a Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Modelling Framework (Minute No. G118 (Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Model) of the Former Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Environment held on 4th April, 2011, refers).  The Framework Contract had ceased on 23rd December, 2011. 


The report outlined that an extension to the Multi-Modal Transport Modelling Framework had not been sought when the original contract ended due to uncertainties that existed around Central Government funding and advice proposals. 


The report outlined that it had now become necessary to have access to a Multi-Modal Transport Modelling Framework due to the requirements of Rotherham’s Local Development Framework, whereby significant housing and business development within the area was proposed.  These would lead to a significant increase in travel on the highway network and could lead to congestion and increased delay on all modes of transport.  The proposed Multi-Modal Transport Framework could estimate areas of potential concern, and network improvements and changes to existing, or additional, bus routes could be identified. 


Further uses of the proposed Multi-Modal Transport Modelling Framework were considered and included forming part of the evidence base that would be considered in relation to the operation of the LDF; negotiations with developers; and as a potential income source. 


MVA Consultancy Limited were the providers of the expired Framework Contract, and had won the tender under OJEU procedures.   Currently, they were the only providers who hosted and interrogated the Model, and would remain so until a decision had been made on the future of the Framework Contract for Multi-Modal Transport Modelling. 


An exemption to Standing Order 48 (requirement for contracts valued over £50, 000) would be required so that MVA Consultancy Limited could undertake Strategic Multi-Modal Transport Modelling in support of the Local Development Framework on behalf of Rotherham. 


Resolved: - That exemption from Standing Order 48 (requirement for contracts valued over £50,000) be approved so the Council can commission MVA Consultancy Limited to undertake strategic Multi Modal Transport Modelling in support of the Local Development Framework.    


Proposed Waiting Restrictions on Various Roads in the Clifton Area. pdf icon PDF 32 KB

-        Richard Pardy, Assistant Engineer, to report.

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report of the Assistant Engineer, Transportation and Highways Design, Environment and Development Services, which outlined the ongoing review of road safety on Middle Lane, Clifton.  A period of public consultation had been undertaken on proposed measures to address issues of vehicles parking in and around the junction mouth of side roads. 


The proposals included: -


  • A section of ‘No waiting at any time’ restrictions be implemented in the area;
  • The removal of other ‘No waiting at any time’ restrictions;
  • The removal of one existing ‘School Keep Clear’ marking. 


Drawing No. 126/18/TT552 highlighted the existing double yellow lines in the area, areas where double yellow lines were proposed, and areas where existing waiting restrictions were proposed to be removed. 


Consultation notices informing of the proposed changes had been placed in the local area, the Rotherham Advertiser, and by letter to residents’ homes.  One letter of objection was received in response to the consultation period.  The letter was attached at Appendix A for the Cabinet Member’s information.   


The content of the objection was that restrictions at the junction of Lister Street would encourage more on-street parking outside the objector’s property. 


Two parking surveys had been undertaken in the area, and at the time the surveys were undertaken, there was significant parking capacity. 


Discussion ensued around the proposal. 


Resolved: - (1)  That the objections of the residents and the outcome of the parking surveys that had identified sufficient capacity be noted and that the objector be informed of the decision to not accede to the objections. 


(2)  That the proposed waiting restrictions together with the revocation of two sections of existing waiting restriction and the removal of one existing school keep clear marking, as shown on Drawing No. 126/18/TT522, be implemented.


(3)  That the relevant Traffic Regulation Order be made.


Proposed Experimental Closure of Broom Avenue at its junction with Wickersley Road. pdf icon PDF 41 KB

-        Tom Finnegan-Smith, Transportation Unit Manager, to report.

Additional documents:


Further to Minute No. G42 (Receipt of a Petition) of the Former Cabinet Member for Town Centres, Economic Growth and Prosperity held on 3rd October, 2011, consideration was given to a report outlining the investigation of the issues raised and proposed mitigation actions. 


Investigations had found a number of factors that were likely to be contributing towards residents’ concerns about road safety, as reported in the petition.  The findings were: -


  • Investigation had been undertaken in relation to the specific areas reported in the petition, including the speed limit and a number of injury accidents.


  • It was found that traffic speeds were appropriate for a 30 mph speed limit, and a search on the South Yorkshire Collision database found that no injury accidents had been reported on Broom Avenue during the past three-years. 


  • However, a number of other factors were considered as contributors to the petition: -


  • Broom Avenue did form part of a ‘rat race’ between the Whiston area into the Town Centre, via Middle Lane;
  • There were reported issues at the Wickersley Road/Middle Lane/Broom Avenue junction, which included congestion impeding the junction. 
  • There was also an injury accident problem at this junction, although numbers had reduced in previous years;
  • Pedestrian islands at the junction were judged to be substandard, making crossing and access to the bus service difficult.


In response to these issues, consultation was undertaken with local residents on a number of options to simplify and improve congestion and safety on Wickersley Road.  The submitted report and Drawing No. 129/48/TT75 outlined the proposals: -


A.         Close Broom Avenue where it joined Wickersley Road;


B.         Stop traffic turning into Broom Avenue from Wickersley Road but allow    traffic to turn out of Broom Avenue into Wickersely Road;


C.         Neither of these.


221 letters were sent to local residents and 92 responses were received, which constituted a 42% response rate.  It was noted that a majority of residents were in favour of option A, but that a number of residents on Ledsham Road did not support this option because of concerns that drivers may use their road as an alternative ‘rat run’. 


Following further consultation with residents on Ledsham Road, it was proposed that the closure of Broom Avenue would be implemented on a temporary basis, so that the road closure could be carefully analysed to examine whether it did have a negative impact on Ledsham Road, or any other surrounding roads.


The proposed street furniture and deployment of funding from the Local Transport Plan Integrated Transport Block grant for 201213 was discussed.  In addition to the works to Broom Avenue, entry treatments would be made to Ledsham Road to make it look less like a ‘through’ road.  


Resolved: - (1)  That Broom Avenue be temporarily closed using an experimental Traffic Regulation Order, to be reviewed after three-months.


(2)  That entry treatments on Ledsham Road be constructed prior to the experimental Traffic Regulation Order being made. 


(3)  That the effects of the closure of Broom  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.