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Agenda item

Better Health, Better Lives - Presentation


Andy Buck, Chief Executive for NHS Rotherham gave a presentation in relation to the NHS Rotherham Strategy “Better Health, Better Lives”.


The presentation drew specific attention to:-


  • Annual Health Check
  • Financial Standing
  • Ambitions
  • Transformation Initiatives
  • Financial Outlook
  • GP Expenditure per patient
  • GP Referrals to Rotherham Foundation Trust
  • Emergency admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions
  • Interqual
  • What is the Rotherham Challenge?
  • Refreshed Strategy
  • Adding Quality and Value
  • Efficiency Challenge
  • System Efficiency
  • Shaping Our Future
  • Places and People Changing
  • Identifying and meeting unmet need.


A question and answer session ensued and the following issues were raised:-


  • Reference was made to the £2m in reserve and a question was raised as to whether some of this would be used towards the purchase of a new scanner.  It was confirmed that the money would be used for a variety of things, but it was not clear whether the scanner would be one of those.  Andy Buck agreed to check the position in respect of this.
  • The presentation highlighted that there was a £2.4m saving expected in respect of management.  Concerns were raised as to how this would work in practice and whether it would affect services provided.  It was confirmed that when this was first announced there was a freeze on recruitment, whilst awaiting the result of the election.  It was now anticipated that work would be undertaken to restructure the current management set up.  However as management were not responsible for the provision of services it was not felt that this would have any major impact.
  • Reference was made to the £19.4m savings in respect of the Strategic Investment Fund balance and it was queried as to whether this money was earmarked for anything.  It was confirmed that the money would be drawn down over the next 3-4 years.
  • Reference was made to GP contracts and how these were negotiated.  It was confirmed that these were negotiated nationally and would be subject to re-negotiation.  All surgeries in Rotherham open their core hours with the out of hours service being provided by Care UK.
  • Concerns were raised about the potential for a budget deficit and what steps would be taken to reduce this risk.  Andy Buck confirmed that steps were being taken to identify conditions early and therefore reach solutions early which would have a positive impact on the budget and reduce costs to the NHS.
  • A discussion took place around the cost of prescriptions and Members raised concerns about the number of people who received medication, particularly on repeat prescriptions, which they didn’t really need.  A query was raised as to whether the issue of prescription drugs was monitored in any way.  Confirmation was given that some pharmacists do probe as to whether it is necessary for a patient to receive their medication on the prescription every time.  More pharmacists were being urged to take this approach.
  • Reference was made to war veterans and a query was raised as to whether they were being given priority.  Andy Buck was fairly confident that all veterans were receiving the services they required.  However if anyone was aware that this was not the case they should report it.