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Agenda item

Commissioners - Progress to Date


Lead Commissioner Sir Derek Myers invited each of the Commissioners in turn to provide a progress report on their area of work. 


(a)       Commissioner Sir Derek Myers referred to his responsibility for the total pattern of intervention and for specific improvements to ensure healthy democratic leadership and accountability.  Reference was also made to the facilitation of a series of roadshows, eleven of which had now been completed.  Details on future roadshows were set out on the schedule included with the agenda documentation.  Work on a new Local Code of Political Conduct was also taking place.


(b)       Commissioner Stella Manzie, Managing Director, reported on progress for her lead areas including the establishment of key management routines and standards, visits and walkabouts to meet staff and the need to work more corporately.  Reference was also made to Rotherham’s Improvement Plan which had been sent to the Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government and Education on 26th May, 2015.


Interim operational arrangements were also now in place for an integrated health and social care function including revised governance arrangements for the Health and Wellbeing Board.


(c)       Commissioner Malcolm Newsam, Children’s Social Care Commissioner, outlined the areas for which he was responsible which were articulated in his seven key priorities.  The steps outlined had begun to correct the worst aspects of what was a failing service and to build the foundations for a successful recovery.


(d)       Commissioner Kenny reported on the progress of the Rotherham Growth Plan, the Housing Growth Plan 2015 – 2020 and the Local Plan.


(e)       Commissioner Ney reported on the increased priority she had given to taxi licensing and the consultation process with regards to the new Taxi Licensing Policy which received over 700 responses, the progress of discussions with the Magistrates Court and the intended review of individual taxi licensing cases.  Improved communication with South Yorkshire Police was necessary and the new post of Assistant Director Community Safety would improve the Council’s capacity to work with the Police and to co-ordinate activity across the Council.

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