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Agenda item

Revenue, Fee Billing, Trading and Capital Resources Monitoring Report for 2004/2005

Finance and Accountacy Manager to report.

-                  to report on the performance against budget.

(Exempt under Paragraph 8 of the Act – expenditure)


Consideration was given to a report, presented by the Finance and Accountancy Manager, relating to the performance against budget of the Economic and Development Services Programme Area for the period April 2004 to March 2005.


It was pointed out that the Programme Area was likely to achieve a balanced outturn against its total net revenue budget.


Members’ attention was drawn to the following Issues:-


  • Number of outstanding invoices relating to capital transactions not yet processed by RBT
  • RiDO:-  overspend relating to costs incurred by the commercial properties budget and a reduction in the property portfolio
  • Planning & Transportation:-  underspend relating to issues re:  additional income from increased planning applications and the Land Charges account
  • Asset Management:-  underspend relating to  increased income and cost savings on educational premises and the unresolved issue in relation to the full recovery of costs for the Corporate Transport Unit
  • Streetpride:-  cost pressures due to winter maintenance
  • Business Unit:-  cost pressures relating to uncertainties re:  RBT procurement savings
  • Vacancy Factor


Resolved:-  (1)  That the anticipated outturn position for the Economic and Development Services Programme Area Budget as at March 2005 be noted.


(2)  That the report be referred to the Regeneration Scrutiny Panel for information.


(Exempt under Paragraph 8 of the Act – expenditure)