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Committee details

Cabinet and Commissioners' Decision Making Meeting

Purpose of committee

Can I view this meeting?

This meeting is webcast and can be viewed at


What is the purpose of this meeting?

The Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meeting is a joint meeting between the Council’s Cabinet and the Government appointed Commissioners. All executive decision making powers sit with the Cabinet, with the exception of decision making responsibilities for Children’s Social Care, which remain with Commissioner Bradwell, the Commissioner for Children’s Social Care. Both Cabinet and Commissioners exercise their decision making powers at these meetings.


When are agendas and reports available?

The agenda and reports for Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meetings are published two weeks prior to the meeting.


How are decisions implemented?

Decisions taken by Commissioners can be implemented immediately. Decisions taken by Cabinet can be implemented nine working days after the meeting, after the expiration of the “call-in period”, which is where decisions can be referred for further review by one of the Council’s scrutiny committees. Following review and subject to any recommendations from the scrutiny committee, the decision will either be reconsidered by the Cabinet or implemented immediately.


Can I attend and ask a question?

You are welcome to attend Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meetings, which are held once a month at Rotherham Town Hall.


There is always an item on the agenda where members of the public can ask questions of Cabinet Members. There is no requirement to give advance notice of your question. You simply need to turn up and indicate that you wish to ask a question when the Chair of the meeting reaches the relevant point on the agenda.


Contact information

Support officer: James McLaughlin - Email: (Tel. 01709 822477). The webcast can be viewed at