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Committee details

The Former School Organisation Committee


  • Mrs. I. G. Hartley (Community Schools)   
  • Councillor Jane Havenhand   
  • Simon Baddeley (Learning and Skills Council)   
  • Kabir Hussain   
  • Mr. C. E. Kelsey (Community Schools)   
  • Mr. F. McDermott   
  • Ms. S. Norton   
  • Mr. M. Robertson   
  • Mr. P. Robinson   
  • Mr. B. N. Sampson   
  • Mrs. J. Scott   
  • Mohammed Shakil   
  • Mr. D. Smart   
  • Mrs. M. Smith   
  • Ms. M. Smith   
  • Mr. M. Sulleman   
  • Arshad Karamat Ullah   
  • Ms. S. Walker   
  • Mr. P. White   
  • Mrs. A. M. Winfield