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Committee details

The Former Cabinet Member for Community Development and Engagement from June 2007 to July, 2010

Purpose of committee

The Cabinet Member for Community Development and Engagement is responsible for promoting cohesive and inclusive communities and for all aspects of engagement and communications with local residents, businesses and groups to maximise participation in local civic and community affairs and to drive up satisfaction with local services and performance. 


Responsible specifically for:-


·              Community cohesion.

·              Prevent Strategy.

·              Voluntary sector liaison.

·              Corporate communications.

·              Equalities in the community.

·              Consultation strategy.

·              Asylum/migration services.

·              Parish Council liaison.


(This member will need to work closely with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods on many of these issues, including close liaison on Area Assemblies and Community Safety.)


Responsible politically for performance outcomes in these service areas under the CAA framework and relevant inspections. 


Contact information

Support officer: Susan Green (Ext. 2052). Email: