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Committee details

The Former Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods

Purpose of committee

The Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods is responsible for all aspects of housing strategy, including Housing Market Renewal and affordable housing programmes.


Responsible for liaison and political management of the relationships and contracts with Rotherham 2010 Ltd and with other social housing landlords.


Responsible, jointly with the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and Economic Development, for liaison with the Homes and Communities Agency and for the development of effective joint working with that body.


Responsible for the development and implementation of Neighbourhoods Strategy and Neighbourhood renewal policy, including initiatives to tackle social exclusion and inequalities in prosperity in deprived areas [working closely with the Cabinet Member for Community Development and Engagement on this].


Responsible for the continuing development of Area Assemblies and  neighbourhood management initiatives. 


Responsible politically for performance outcomes in all these themes under the CAA framework and relevant inspection regimes.


Responsible for Community Safety (and liaison with the Police).