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Begin collections of recyclable plastics

We the undersigned For the council to begin collection of plastic products from households for recycling. Also to provide information to homes about the number system upon plastic items and which of these can be recycled. (Plastic items numbered 1-4 are the easiest to recycle. 5-6 can also be recycled. Plastic 7 is not usually recycled)

Rotherham Council already collects garden waste, paper, glass and metal items for recycling but it does not yet address the largest problem to the environment; Plastic.
While there are facilities available for persons to voluntarily bring in their plastic for recycling many persons do not and simply throw their plastic items away in general rubbish.
Plastic is not biodegradable. It can photo-degrade; be broken down by sunlight. However since most plastic ends up in landfills it is buried and cannot be broken down by sunlight. At best it simply sits in the ground. At worst it can end up in rivers and canals. Here it can be broken down by sunlight into a chemical soup which can contaminate water sources and poison wildlife.
Plastic collected for recycling will reduce the danger and damage to the environment.
Almost everything in the modern world is made of plastic and almost all plastic products can be recycled. Recycled plastic can be used in the production of everything from bags to bullet-proof materials.

This ePetition ran from 16/03/2012 to 27/04/2012 and has now finished.

2 people signed this ePetition.