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Hackney Carriage Tariff - Review

Meeting: 20/02/2017 - Licensing Board (Item 4)

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Further to Minute No. 42 of the meeting of the Licensing Board held on 28th November, 2007, consideration was given to a report, presented by the Business Regulation Manager, concerning a request made to the Council by the Rotherham Hackney Carriage Association for an increase in the metered fares currently being charged in the licensed hackney carriages.


Members of the Licensing Board were provided with a schedule of the proposed hackney carriage tariffs.  The following issues were highlighted:-


-          obtaining details of the comparative hackney carriage tariffs applicable in neighbouring local authority areas (eg: Barnsley; Doncaster);


-          whether there was the need for the increased tariffs for Sundays (ie: the view of the Board is that the lower Tariff 1, instead of Tariff 2, should apply on Sundays);


-          ensuring that passengers in hackney carriages are properly informed of all tariffs for journeys (nb: drivers must ensure that the Tariff card is on display and available for passengers at all times within the hackney carriage);


-          whether there is specific justification for the large group surcharge, especially when the additional passenger(s) are children.


The Licensing Board noted that the decision on this matter is to be made by the Cabinet of the Council, after which the tariffs would be advertised in accordance with Section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.


Resolved:- (1) That the report be received and its contents noted.


(2) That, subject to the comments listed above, the Licensing Board notes the proposed increases in hackney carriage tariffs, as detailed in the report now submitted, which are to be considered further by the Cabinet.


(3) That the Rotherham Hackney Carriage Association be asked to explain the justification for the suggested large group surcharge, especially when the additional passenger(s) are children.