Parish Liaison - Thursday 25 October 2007 2.00 p.m.

Proposed venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham.

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from:-


The Mayor, Councillor Allan Jackson

Ward No. 3 (Brinsworth & Catcliffe)

Councillor R. Littleboy

Ward No. 3 (Brinsworth & Catcliffe)

Councillor A. Sangster

Adviser, Regeneration & Development

Councillor S. Ellis

Cabinet Member, Neighbourhoods & Adult Services





Councillor Smith, Cabinet Member, Regeneration and Development Services, welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.


Trees - lack of co-operation from officers within Environment and Development Services


Brian Jolly explained that the Parish Council had asked in 2006 for a full survey and quotation from the Council regarding trees around the Recreation Ground.  To date this had not been actioned.


The Parish Council acknowledged that some trees would need to be felled as they were 40 years old and at the end of their lifespan.  There was concern as some of the trees were leaning and branches and leaves were falling across the road.


Reference was made to the Parish Councils’ and Borough Councils’ Charter and concern was expressed about the lack of contact.


The Trees and Woodlands Officer offered an apology to the Parish Council   He explained that the team comprised of 4 people who had to cover over 80,000 trees and 100,000 acres of public woodland across the Borough.    The team had a heavy demand for tree inspections.  He added that the team was also on 24 hour call.


A quotation was produced at the meeting and this was later discussed with the Parish Council.  However, the Trees and Woodlands Officer offered to find 3 other quotes for the work on behalf of the Parish Council.  It was agreed that this should be done in any case so that a comparison could be made.


Traffic Calming


Brian Jolly referred to traffic calming on Rotherham Road and Brinsworth Road which did not appear to be well designed.


He asked if the Engineers could come out on site to meet people to listen to their views about the effectiveness of the low speed humps due to their size, red lining, and roundabout configuration.  The Parish Council had concerns about the safety of the scheme.


Stuart Savage replied that the Service was aware of the problems and acknowledged that the scheme had not been put in as originally intended.  He reported that a number of modifications were planned and these had been scheduled within the next couple of weeks.  It was explained that, because of the sensitive nature of the traffic on this route and timing needed to put traffic lights in place in order to carry out the work, the cushions had had to be made of tarmac.


Mrs. McIntosh also raised the issue of the provision of a pedestrian refuge on Main Street near to the Community Hall/Chemist, which the Parish Council thought were planned in the original scheme and which had not been put in.


It was explained that these were not shown on the drawings.  However, these could have been removed as a result of responses during the public consultation.


It was agreed:-  (i)  That Stuart would contact the Parish Council clerk to arrange a site visit at around 5 pm one evening.


(ii)                           That the arrangements would be made to carry out a speed survey within one month of this meeting, and the results would be available for the site meeting.


(iii)  That the original plans for Main Street be checked and a report provided about why the pedestrian refuges had not been put in.


Housing Panel


Brian Jolly explained that the Parish Council had concerns about the allocation of money via the Area Housing Panel.  The Parish Council had submitted suggestions in 2006 e.g. for a footpath at St. Mary’s Drive.   However the Parish Council had no representative on the Panel.  The Parish Council would like a copy of the assessment criteria used by the Panels.


Phil Rees explained that there was one Housing Panel for each Area Assembly area and each had a budget of £20,000.  He was uncertain whether a Panel would decide to spend money on a footpath as this could be the responsibility of another part of the Council.


Phil also explained the new arrangements for 2010 management following a recent restructuring.  The new structure was based around the 3 Parliamentary Constituencies.


He also confirmed that the Neighbourhood Champion still existed.


It was agreed:-  (1)  That Phil provide the Parish Council with a copy of the Assessment Criteria and information about the Area Housing Panels.


(2)  That Phil would speak to the Area Neighbourhood Manager about the composition of the Panel for the Catcliffe area with a view to engaging a representative from Catcliffe.


(2)  That the Council’s Engineers have a look at the request for the provision of a footpath at St Mary’s Drive and assess whether this was a highways scheme.


Any other Business


Councillor Smith announced that Karl Battersby had been appointed the new Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services with immediate effect.


Brian Jolly thanked officers for their attendance and help.


Councillor Smith thanked the Parish Council representatives for bringing these issues to his attention and closed the meeting.