Agenda and draft minutes

Parish Liaison - Thursday 16 July 2009 6.00 p.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate, Street, Rotherham.

No. Item


Introduction and Welcome


The Chairman introduced those present and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 28th October, 2008 pdf icon PDF 39 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 28th October, 2008 were agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising


With regards to Minute No. 22(a) a representative from Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council asked about the percentage number of replies received from the residents of Catcliffe and expressed disappointment at the public interest in the events that had taken place.


Further information with regards to the percentage figure would be forwarded in due course, but the Strategic Director updated those present on the current position with regards to the planning application and the need to resolve some highway matters, the drainage agreement and specific details with regards to the Section 106 Agreement.


Minute No. 22(b) referred to concerns about road safety and speeding through Woodsetts Village and a representative from the Parish Council asked if a meeting could be arranged with specific officers to discuss concerns.


The Strategic Director was happy to facilitate such a meeting, gave an update on the traffic safety surveys that had been undertaken and acknowledged the importance of local issues in the correlation of the PSV calculations.  It was proposed that some evaluation take place on all the calculations on this stretch of road to ascertain if any action could be taken.


Reference was made to Minute No. 23(a) by the representative from Ravenfield Parish Council who asked for an update on the parking provision for the swimming pool at Aston now that it was free for the under 16’s and over 65’s and was informed that a meeting was arranged with the Head Teacher of the adjacent school to review the provision and hopefully this would progress the issue.


LDF Core Strategy Revised Options Consultation


Karl Battersby, Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services gave a presentation on the Core Strategy Revised Options as part of the progression of Rotherham’s Local Development Framework.


The presentation drew specific attention to:-


·              The Planning Policy Framework.

·              The Development Plan.

·              Local Development Framework.

·              Core Strategy DPD.

·              Major changes since Preferred Options (January, 2007)

·              Targets up to 2026.

·              Site Surveys.

·              Site Allocations Database.

·              Potential residential and mixed use sites by degree of reservation.

·              Baseline – Current RSS Policy.

·              Option 1 – Urban extensions and more principal towns.

·              Option 2 – Development in public transport corridors.

·              Option 3 – Dispersed development.

·              Summary of options.

·              Town Centre options.

·              Review of objectives and policies.

·              Next steps.

·              Further information.


A discussion and a question and answer session ensued and the following issues were raised and subsequently clarified:-


-                 Targets for 2026 and whether the number of homes had to be built identified in Options 2 and 3.

-                 Review of the Local Development Framework in light of the economic climate in the next five to ten years.

-                 Allocation opportunities.

-                 Land allocations and opposition to certain developments by the local community.

-                 Early notification to Parish Councils on land allocations once the Core Strategy was submitted to Government.

-                 Site surveys and the logic behind some core strategy proposals and whether this was subject to further consultation and discussion to consider local knowledge.

-                 Timescales for the Local Development Framework adoption.

-                 Inspection of the Core Strategy by Government Officers.


Agreed:-  (1)  That Karl Battersby be thanked for his informative presentation.


(2)  That further discussions take place with Parish Councils regarding the core strategy proposals.


(3)  That the Gant chart showing the timescales for the Local Development Framework adoption be provided for each Parish Council along with a plan showing each of the proposed site allocations for each parish.


Integration of Grounds Maintenance and Street Cleansing pdf icon PDF 371 KB


David Burton, Director of Streetpride, gave a presentation on the integration of the Grounds Maintenance and Street Cleansing Services.


The presentation drew specific attention to;-


·              Make-up of the Streetpride Service.

·              Street Cleansing Overview.

·              Issues and Pressures on the Service.

·              Grounds Maintenance Overview.

·              Issues on the Service.

·              Options for Grounds Maintenance;.

·              Advantages of an Integrated Proposal.

·              Integrated Proposal Details and Timeline.


A discussion and a question and answer session ensued and the following issues were raised and subsequently clarified by David Burton and Steve Mellard:-


-                 Operation of the service from the end of October, 2009.

-                 Contract extension proposals up to the end of December, 2009.

-                 TUPE transfers of existing staff.

-                 Proactive approach to the service and the need for linkages with Parish Councils who wish to plan their precept spend.

-                 Commitment to working together to raise standards and aspirations.

-                 Determination of service at an early stage.

-                 Continuation of the “golden” number for grounds maintenance/street cleansing enquiries.

-                 Existing machinery agreements.

-                 Publicity and promotion of the service and expectations of delivery.

-                 Development of service standards.

-                 Responsibility for floral and shrub planting.

-                 Parish Council devolution and the likelihood of partnership working.


In the main the Parish Council representation welcomed the proposals to bring the Grounds Maintenance Service back under the control of the Local Authority.


Agreed:-  That David Burton and Steve Mellard be thanked for their informative presentation.


Items Submitted by Parish Councils


None received prior to the meeting.


There were no items submitted by Parish Councils prior to the meeting.


Any Other Business


(a)     A representative from Ravenfield Parish Council reported on flooding being experienced on Hollings Lane at Ravenfield and asked if the cause could be investigated.


         The Strategic Director confirmed that this would receive attention and the Clerk to the Parish Council would be informed.


(b)     A representative from Ravenfield Parish Council also asked about proposed traffic signals on the southbound M18 slip road at Junction 1.  Traffic was often slowing in the inside line prior to the slip road due to congestion on the A631 heading towards Maltby.


         The Strategic Director would get this matter looked into and the Clerk to the Parish Council informed of the latest position.


(c)     A representative from Woodsetts Parish Council referred to flooding on Worksop Road (aka the Bullring) and explained that this was a serious problem, especially for the resident at No. 26 whose garden flooded badly.


         The Strategic Director referred to information that had been circulated to all Elected Members requesting their local knowledge of areas in their wards that flooded.  It was, therefore, requested that anyone aware of any flooding issues drop the Strategic Director the details an email and the area of responsibility would be identified.


(d)     A representative from Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council made reference to the use of sandbags and the Strategic Director confirmed that Parish Councils were offered sandbags to store ready to react for any flooding in localities.  An alternative water bag was available, but difficulties were being experienced with its operation as it had to be pre-filled with some water and it was heavy to move when full.


         A leaflet had been distributed to households preparing them for any flooding in the future and indicated the use of sandbags.


(e)     A representative from Bramley Parish Council also referred to flooding on the highway outside the Jehovah’s Witness building at Hellaby.


         The Strategic Director was to pass on this information and ask Engineers to investigate and report back to the Clerk to the Parish Council.


Closing Remarks


Councillor Pickering thanked the Parish Councils’ representatives for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.10 p.m.