Agenda and minutes

Transportation Advisory Group - Wednesday 20 November 2019 2.00 p.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, ROTHERHAM. S60 2TH

Contact: Debbie Pons, Governance Adviser 

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Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th August, 2019 pdf icon PDF 92 KB


Consideration was given to the minutes of the previous meeting of the Transportation Advisory Board held on 14th August, 2019.


Agreed:-  That the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as a true record.


Matters arising from the previous minutes


Arising from Minute No. 8 (Community Safety Concerns Fund), it was reported that there had been a good response from a number of Wards.  They were currently being worked through and ranked in accordance with affordability and deliverability.


It was proposed that a report be submitted to Cabinet in December containing the schemes being put forward.  The “quick wins” would be implemented first.  A full analysis would be submitted to the Advisory Board.


Arising from Minute No. 10 (Mayoral Bus Review), it was noted that the report on the outcome of the review would not be formally report to the Sheffield City Region Mayor until March, 2020.  However, the key headlines were as follows:-


-          Lot of concern that the bus services in South Yorkshire had declined for a combination of reasons

-          Reliability of bus services was a repeated concern as well as frequency and access

-          Concern with regard to the complexity of using the bus network and the large amount of tickets that were available particularly if a passenger had to change from one operator to another during their journey with only one through ticket available which was quite an expensive ticket

-          Concern that there were more people moving from bus to car

-          The technology was not available in South Yorkshire i.e. cashless journeys


Overall there was a really positive message that members of the public cared about the bus service and really wanted a better service.


Questions on Transport Issues pdf icon PDF 468 KB


The Transportation Advisory Board noted the details of questions on transport matters and answers that had been provided.


South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive - Update


Presentation on proposed Bus Service Changes by First South Yorkshire currently in consultation.


Nathan Broadhead, Bus Partnership and Development Manager, SYPTE, gave the following powerpoint presentation:-


Commercial Bus Network Changes January 2020



-          Changes planned from the weekend of 25th/26th January, 2020

-          Commercial changes from First, Stagecoach and Powells

-          No PTE contract changes

-          Public consultations carried out by First and Stagecoach

-          Stagecoach changes are Barnsley/Chesterfield.  Only minor timetable changes affecting Rotherham and X6 to serve Waverley housing estate


First Commercial Proposals

Following consultation the following has been submitted to SYPTE:-



Original Proposal (as per consultation)


Consultation Outcome


Service withdrawn

Service withdrawn but following consultation feedback,

• Service 10 will be reintroduced hourly between Maltby, Rotherham Hospital and Rotherham via Broom Valley.

• The service will not serve Sunnyside. Service 10 will only operate hourly between Doncaster and Maltby with no service operating via Stainton



Frequency change to operate every 30 minutes

Change postponed and subject to further review



Frequency change to operate 20 minutes at peak times, every 40 minutes each way during daytime


Change to be implemented


Service X1 to operate 4 buses an hour Rotherham to Maltby, with 2 buses per hour extending to Sheffield via Meadowhall. Service X10 to operate 2 buses per hour Meadowhall-Rotherham-Maltby-Doncaster


Following feedback 4 buses per hour will extend to Sheffield, with 2 buses per hour terminating in Rotherham. Service X10 will divert via Markfield Drive.


Service diverted to also cover Wickersley

Change postponed and subject to review



Service rerouted to Operate Rotherham, Brinsworth, Meadowhall, Sheffield

Change postponed and subject to further review


Powells Commercial Proposals

-          Service X7 - Revised route to operate via Grange Lane/Salisbury Road in both directions (following customer requests)

-          Parkgate Shopper – replaced with the extension of service 4 beyond Rotherham to Parkgate

-          Service 4 – Revised route from Ravenfield Common/Markfield Drive via Wickersley – Brecks – Worrygoose Roundabout – Broom Lane – Beaconsfield Road – Broom Valley Road – Rotherham Interchange – Parkgate (replacing the current PSS shuttle).  This partially replaces the commercial cancellation by First SY of service 113.  Loss of link to Dalton and bus along Magna Lane

-          Service 18 - Hellaby – Dinnington section reduced to hourly

-          Minor timetable changes on the Doncaster – Hellaby section which remains half hourly

-          Route in Maltby reverts to Rotherham Road rather than Dale Hill Road

-          Withdrawal of the peak journeys to and from Dinnington that currently serve Dinnington School.


Network Gaps

113 – Parts of Bramley & Woodlaithes Village

-          Very low usage – average of 10 per journey

-          Surveys of the busiest trips shows

        71% can use X1, X10 or 4 for the same journey

        16% will have to change buses

        13% have a longer than 400m walk to make the same journey

-          Revenue support for PTE exceeds maximum spend per passenger.  No plans to fund a replacement for Woodlaithes.  Community Transport is already funded


Powells Service 4 – Magna Lane (Dalton)


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Bus Operators - Update


(1)       First Group.

(2)       Stagecoach.

(3)       Rotherham Community Transport.


Unfortunately no representatives were present at the meeting.


Railway Operators - Update


Unfortunately there was no representation at that meeting.


Doncaster Sheffield Airport - Update pdf icon PDF 150 KB


Draft minutes of the previous meeting of the Doncaster Sheffield Airport Consultative Committee held on 24th October, 2019


The Board noted the minutes of the Doncaster Sheffield Airport Consultation Committee held on 24th October, 2019.


RMBC Transportation Unit - Updates


(a)       A630 Parkway Improvement

(b)       College Road Roundabout

(c)       Transforming Cities Fund

(d)       Waverley Station


Ian Ashmore, Manager, presented the following updates:-


(a)  A630 Parkway Improvement

The draft business case had been submitted to the Department of Transport for informal feedback.  Informal feedback had been received on 4 of the 5 cases and awaited on the economic case.  Once received it would be submitted formally to the DfT with a view to start on site in approximately March 2020.  However, there could potentially be a delay to the approval process because of the general election.


(b)  College Road Roundabout

The scheme was currently underway and causing approximately 5-10 minutes delay on the approaches to the roundabout.


(c)  Transforming Cities Fund

The bid by Sheffield City Region would be submitted to the DfT very shortly.  Rotherham’s share of the bid was for £30M+ over a 3 year period.


Rotherham had been requested to submit 3 scenarios in terms of the bid i.e. low, medium and high.  It was known that the Scheme was likely to be significantly oversubscribed but Rotherham was expected to receive a settlement.


The process was moving in accordance with the timescales.


(d)  Waverley Station

The Council, in conjunction with the PTE and private sector, were attempting to bring forward a new railway station at Waverley.  Some preliminary work had been undertaken, funded by the private sector, and concluded that it was feasible to provide another stop on the line.


Transport for the North was very keen on supporting new rail stations.


It was hoped to put forward an outline business case in 9-12 months’ time.  Discussions were taken place with Network Rail and Transport for the North.


Any other business


The Chair reported that it was Ian Ashmore’s last meeting before he retired from the Council.


On behalf of the Board she thanked him for all his work and endeavours and wished him a long and healthy retirement.


Date and time of the next meeting

Wednesday, 5th February, 2020, commencing at 2.00 p.m.


Agreed:- That a further meeting be held on Wednesday, 5th February, 2020, commencing at 2.00 p.m.