Agenda and draft minutes

Emergency Planning Shared Services Joint Committee (Rotherham and Sheffield) - Thursday 30 September 2021 1.30 p.m.

Venue: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Contact: Martin Elliott 

No. Item


Minutes of the previous meeting held on 29 July 2021 pdf icon PDF 145 KB


Agreed: - That the Minutes of the meeting of the Emergency Planning Shared Services Joint Committee held on 29 July 2021 be approved as a true record of proceedings.


Matters arising from the previous minutes (not covered by the agenda items).


Minute No.1 – Councillor McDonald advised that she would be able to Chair the meetings of the Shared Services Joint Committee for the remainder of the municipal year.


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 235 KB

To approve a Forward Plan of business for the Joint Committee.


Members considered the updated Forward Plan for the Shared Services Joint Committee.


Agreed: - That the Forward Plan be noted.


Service Update

Verbal Report.


Officers provided a verbal update regarding the Emergency Planning Shared Service on issues including:


·       Training activity across the LRF and partners.


·       The debrief regarding the response to the implementation of procedures following the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and the opportunities for learning that had it highlighted in regard of Operation London Bridge.


·       Work that had been carried out with the Council’s Strategic Leadership Team in Rotherham regarding Winter preparedness.


·       A run through of Operation Redbrick that had been carried out with South Yorkshire Police in in order to test emergency mortuary provision. Officers noted that due to the short period of time since the exercise that a full debrief had not yet been completed.


·       Activity with the LRF regarding Cyber resilience.


·       The joint activity that was being carried out with partners across the wider Yorkshire/North East Region regarding Counter-Terrorism preparedness.


·       Winter preparedness, including planning around Covid-19.


Members sought assurance from officers regarding the robustness of the plans that were in place across both authorities regarding winter preparedness.


Officers assured members that the plans that were in place regarding Winter preparedness, as well as for other emergencies, were robust due to the regular testing and reviewing activity that took place, with all plans benefiting from the close partnership working that was carried out with delivery partners both locally and regionally.


Officers also provided an update on the response to the current issues around fuel supply and how critical services across Sheffield and Rotherham would be maintained.


Agreed: – That the update be noted.


In year Budget position pdf icon PDF 387 KB


In accordance with the Joint Committee’s Terms of Reference, a report was submitted to provide members with an in-year budget position for the Emergency Planning Shared Service. A summary breakdown of the in-year budget position was attached as an appendix to the officer’s report.


It was noted that:


·       A Team training needs analysis would need to be undertaken in line with revisions to the service plan. Due to this situation a balanced budget was shown for this nominal until the outcome of this analysis became known.


·       Security clearance and vetting costs for all strategic commander (Borough Emergency Coordinator and Duty Chief Officer) were previously agreed to be funded via the underspends. This was currently being absorbed within the revenue budget.


·       Other nominals had been reduced owing for extended work from home and online conference attendance (therefore lower or zero associated costs).


·       One temporary FTE post (one-year temporary contract) had previously been agreed to be funded from underspend monies with some or all of this cost being “drawn down” and offset against the current forecast underspend.


Officers assured members that the budget for 2021/22 would end in a balanced position.



Agreed: - That the report be noted.



Emergency Response Volunteer Update

Verbal Report


Officers provided a verbal update regarding Emergency Response volunteers. It was noted that there were separate, but aligned pieces of work being carried across the two councils regarding work with volunteers and how they were attracted to and recruited to roles supporting the delivery of emergency responses.


The update provided information on:


·       How the senior roles were filled.

·       How officers were recruited to become volunteers to deliver other emergency response roles.

·       The work that was being carried out looking at how other Councils recruited and retained volunteers.

·       Issues relating the profile and remuneration that was linked to the volunteer roles.

·       How the skills gained into volunteering could be linked into the broader personal development for those officers who volunteered.

·       The challenges and opportunities that hybrid working had created in managing volunteers and how they worked in responding to emergencies.


Members also noted that it would be useful for them to receive the Minutes of the meetings of the Local Resilience Forum. Officers advised that they would explore options on how this could be done.


Agreed:  -


1)    That the update be noted.


2)    That a written report regarding volunteer recruitment be added to the Forward Plan and be brought to the December 2021 meeting of the committee.


3)    That officers give consideration to how the minutes of the Local Resilience Forum could be shared most efficiently with members of the committee.


Urgent Business


There was no urgent business for consideration.


Date, time and venue for the next meeting:-

That the next meeting of the Emergency Planning Shared Services Joint Committee take place on Thursday 2 December 2021 at 1:30pm as a Microsoft Teams meeting.


Agreed: - That the next meeting of the Emergency Planning Shared Services Joint Committee take place on Thursday 2 December 2021 at 1:30pm as Microsoft Teams meeting.