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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham S60 2TH

Contact: Dawn Mitchell  Email:

No. Item


Declarations of Interest


The following Declarations of Interest were made at the meeting:-


Councillor Andrews (non-pecuniary) – Mental Health Nurse working in the private sector


Councillor Cusworth (non-pecuniary) – Volunteer Teaching Assistant at Swinton Brookfield School


Councillor R. Elliott (non-pecuniary) – Volunteer at Rockingham J. and I. School


Councillor Marles (non-pecuniary) – relative works in Adult Social Care


Questions from members of the public and the press


There were no members of the public or the press in attendance. 




Children’s Surgery and Anaesthesia Services and Hyper-Acute Stroke Services

The Chairman reported that at the Joint Health Overview and Health Scrutiny Committee (OSC) held in Sheffield on 23rd May, the Terms of Reference for the OSC were agreed.  Members had received a presentation from NHS England on the outcomes of their pre-consultation work with the public and the communications and engagement plans for when the options were out for consultation from September.


There was a further meeting on 8th August when the OSC would receive detailed information on the possible options for both Services.


Resolved:-  That the Commissioners Working Together Programme (CWTP) be included as a standard agenda item.


Improving Lives Select Commission

Due to the crossover in work between this Select Commission and Improving Lives, a standard agenda item of “updates” would be included on future agendas to enable feedback from the Members who sat on both Commissions (Councillors Albiston, Cusworth, J. Elliot and Marriott).  The Improving Lives Select Commission had not met since the last meeting of this Commission.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 103 KB

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th April, 2016


Consideration was given to the previous meeting held on 14th April, 2016.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the minutes be noted.


(2).  That with regard to the Access to GPs Review:-


(a)  that the action taken, with the majority of the actions either now completed or incorporated within the Interim GP Strategy, be noted;


(b)  that a further update be received from the Clinical Commissioning Group in 2017 on the outcomes measures once the GP Strategy had had time to embed.


(3)  That with regard to the Urinary Incontinence Review:-


(a)  the response to the Review and progress to date be noted;


(b)  that information be submitted regarding the training roll out and when the website had been completed so that the Review could be signed off as complete.


(4)  That with regard to the draft Carers Strategy:-


(a)  the monitoring of the implementation of the action plan be included in the work programme of this Select Commission;


(b)  that the Select Commission have the opportunity to comment on the final draft including the action plan prior to sign off.


(5)  That with regard to the CAMHS Review:-


(a)  that a further progress report be submitted in 6 months;


(b)  that the outcomes of the Voice and Influence Review be submitted to this Select Commission and the Youth Cabinet.


Arising from Minute No.9 (CAMHS Review), it was reported that the staff recruitment was due to be completed by the end of June.  There would then be further work and consultation on developing the care pathways which would involve consultation with stakeholders.


Within the Public Health Annual Report there were sections on CAMHS going forward and emphasis for the future which required the restructuring to take place and, therefore, implications if it slowed down.  It was important that the Select Commission were kept up-to-date with progress.


Director of Public Health Annual Report pdf icon PDF 61 KB


·       Terri Roche and Anna Clack to report. 

Additional documents:


Terri Roche, Director of Public Health, and Anna Clack, Public Health Specialist, gave the following powerpoint presentation:-


Starting and Growing Well


-          Independent annual report – statutory requirement

-          Focus - pre-natal, childhood and young people’s health

-          Tackles key health issues

-          Highlights areas to improve outcomes

-          First report in a series planned to look at the life course



-          To raise awareness and seek Directorate support to harness everyone’s role in delivering a ‘child centred Borough’ by achieving the ambitions set out in the report


Children’s Health in Rotherham

-          Life expectancy at birth for a baby born in the 10 least deprived areas was 9.5 years longer than for a baby born in the most deprived areas

-          Children in the most deprived areas were twice as likely to be disabled and more than twice as likely to live in a home where someone smoked

-          http:/


Children’s Voice

-          We value the contribution of children and young people to our work and this report has been informed by a range of local consultations and surveys including:-

The Rotherham Lifestyle Survey 2015

Rotherham Post-16 Survey 2014

Rotherham Youth Cabinet and Rotherham Youth Parliament Consultations


Key Recommendations

-          8 key recommendations that focus on

·           Integrated services and care pathways to maximise health outcomes

·           Partners working together to maximise opportunities for training

·           Improving mental health and wellbeing including timely access to Mental Health Services

·           Tackling overweight and obesity

·           Integrating the Health and Wellbeing Board and Children and Young People’s Board

·           Review the need for a poverty strategy


Our Ambition

-          The report is a call to action for all stakeholders in Rotherham to share our knowledge, skills and expertise in a commitment to working in partnership to improve the health of our children and young people

-     The report sets out ambitions to be achieved over the next year


Chapter 1 – Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Years

-          Healthy Pregnancy – reducing the number of low birth weight babies (less than 2.5kg) and babies born pre-term (before 37 weeks)

-          Maternal Nutrition and Vitamin D – enhancing the Healthy Start Scheme vitamin distribution to eligible mothers and children

-          Smoking in Pregnancy – working with the CCG to mandate carbon monoxide screening for all pregnant women and to ensure access to specialist Stop Smoking support

-          Alcohol in Pregnancy – a single consistent message ‘no alcohol equals no risk’

-          Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – development of Rotherham Joint Safe Sleeping Guidelines to reduce the risk of SIDS

-          Breastfeeding – the Rotherham Foundation Trust achieving Stage 3 Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative by 2017


So What Factor?

-          Smoking in pregnancy

-          Working with the Rotherham CCG to mandate carbon monoxide testing for all pregnant women

·           The use of carbon monoxide testing at 36 weeks gestation provided a much more accurate picture of local rates of smoking during pregnancy

·           Having more accurate data would enable services to target interventions and tailor advice to reduce Venous  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Adult Social Care - Provisional Year End Performance Report for 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 81 KB


·       Nathan Atkinson and Scott Clayton to report. 

Additional documents:


Nathan Atkinson, Assistant Director Strategic Commissioning, and Scott Clayton, Interim Performance and Quality Team Manager, presented the Adult Social Care provisional year end performance report for 2015/16.


It was important to note that 2015/16 had been a transitional year where the Directorate had been seeking to change the existing customer journey and business processes in order to improve the customer experience and deliver better personalised outcomes.  The results over the performance areas included in the report to date had been positive showing improvements in many Indicator areas.


19 of the 22 ASCOF measures were showing improvement which included 100% (7 of 7) User Survey measure results.  50% (11 of 22) 2015/16 targets were being met including 71% (5 of 7) User Survey.


2015/16 was also the second year of the new national Short and Long Term (SALT) reporting annual return and the Council’s initial draft year-end figures which provided a useful first insight to Adult Social Care performance.  However, they were subject to change following national ratification of local partner data (RDaSH Mental Health performance) and Health partner submissions.


Discussion ensued on the report and appendix.  The following issues were raised/clarified:-


-          There had been a lot of Senior Management change.  What was your approach and how were you going to manage the basic performance during the change that was only half way through? 

It had been made clear that the programme of change had been set and any new appointment would have to follow that direction of travel.   The strategic direction that had been set was very sound and a sensible approach.  The development plan was an operational model so it was imperative that the 2 were brought together and ensure there was continued performance.  The measures contained within the report were national measures and there was a mandatory requirement to provide that information which tended to focus on the basics of the business that could not be lost sight of


The report compared last year’s performance with the previous year’s and showed that 86% of the measures had showed some improvement.  Although some of the improvement was very small it was reflective of what the programme acknowledged in terms of change and the need to be able to sustain performance.  Whilst showing improvement, only 50% had managed to hit their target.  This would be fed into this year’s target setting


-          What is your top priority?

The top priorities were the safety and quality of services for Rotherham residents.  In terms of performance measures, the priority would be permanent admissions to residential care for people aged 18-64.  There was a much higher number of people in residential settings in Rotherham than other parts of the country where there was more focus on supported living community/based setting.  It was a big challenge for the Service to maintain the direction of travel contained within the Strategy to move people away from the very traditional model of provision which was not always appropriate for everybody


-          What had been the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Membership of Quality Account Sub-Groups


Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, reported that, as happened last year, Sub-Groups, to include all Health Select Commission Members, would be established to consider the Quality Accounts for the three NHS Trusts – The Rotherham Foundation Trust, RDaSH and Yorkshire Ambulance Service.


The Chair will lead on TRFT and RDaSH and the Vice-Chair on YAS.


Resolved:-  That the Scrutiny Officer circulate an initial draft ensuring a balance of newly elected and longer standing Members, and political and gender balance, across all 3 sub-groups.


Membership of the Health, Welfare and Safety Panel 2016/17


Resolved:-  (1)  That Councillor Sansome represent the Health Select Commission on the Health, Welfare and Safety Panel for the 2016/17 Municipal Year.


(2)  That the appointment of a substitute representative be deferred.


RDaSH Adult and Older People's Mental Health Transformation Update. pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


The Select Commission noted a report setting out RDaSH’s Rotherham Transformation update.


Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, reported that the final decision would probably be made in July and discussions would take place with RDaSH to ascertain which model had been agreed. 


Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Commissioning. pdf icon PDF 41 KB


The Select Commission noted a letter received from NHS England dated 3rd June, 2016, regarding Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) Tier 4 Services in Yorkshire and Humber.


Health and Wellbeing Board Minutes pdf icon PDF 76 KB


·       13th January, 2016;

·       24th February, 2016.

Additional documents:


The minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 13th January and 24th February, 2016, were noted.


Healthwatch Rotherham Issues


No issues had been raised.


Date, Time and Venue of the Next Meeting and Future Dates for Agreement

Thursday, 28th July, 2016, at 9.30 a.m. at the Town Hall, Rotherham


Future Dates for Agreement:-


22nd September, 2016           27th October, 2016         1st December, 2016


Resolved: -  That future meeting dates take place on: -


·           28th July, 2016

·           22nd September

·           27th October

·           1st December