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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham S60 2TH

Contact: Dawn Mitchell  The webcast can be viewed at

No. Item


Declarations of Interest


There were no Declarations of Interest made at the meeting.


Questions from members of the public and the press


There were no members of the public and press present at the meeting.




LGA Health and Prevention

The Chair reminded Members of the above event to be held on 15th and 16th February, 2018.


Please contact the Chair or Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, to book.


Y&H JHOSC and Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Services

Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, reported that last November NHS England had made a decision regarding the future commissioning arrangements for CHD Services for adults and children with a standards-based approach at all tiers of provision.


After several years of intensive scrutiny on CHD, Members were pleased with the positive final outcome.  They had requested a further report around progress/implementation specifically in terms of assurance on Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust’s progress in meeting all the standards (including any that remained outstanding) and the development of the Y&H Network (including its relationships with other network areas).  The further report might also include an update on the redevelopment of Leeds General Infirmary and its specific impact and/or implications on CHD Services for children and adults.


The above information would be shared across the region.  However, whilst recognising the positive outcomes from the JHOSC’s work, Members also recognised that its work had essentially been completed and there were no further plans for the JHOSC to meet in the future.


Improving Lives Update

Councillor Jarvis gave the following update from the Improving Lives Select Commission which had met on 12th December, 2017, the main agenda items had included:-


-          Update on the Domestic Abuse Strategy – voice of the victims, outcomes of the Peer Review and details of the Perpetrator Programme:-

Perpetrator Programme - had received further funding and would probably start to come into place in March, 2018

Voice of the victim – increased contact with 3rd sector organisations involved with victims and developing means for talking to victims who were already going through the system

-          Virtual Schools

-          Adoption


Minutes of the Previous Meetings held on 30th November and 14th December, 2017 pdf icon PDF 107 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the minutes of the previous meetings of the Health Select Commission held on 30th November and 14th December, 2017.  Members noted that:-


Minute No. 50 (Implementation of the Carers’ Strategy)

Councillor Short had joined the Improving Lives Select Commission’s recent visit to Barnardos.  Barnardos currently looked after over 200 vulnerable Rotherham children providing a range of outreach support and support.  They also visited schools with their “Real Love Rocks” training and CSE prevention training, a programme training teachers on CSE and an outreach programme working with local providers.  He would urge Elected Members, if they had the opportunity, to visit the organisation.


Minute No. 51 (Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee)

It was noted that the meeting scheduled to take place on 11th December, 2017, had been cancelled due to the bad weather conditions.  The re-arranged meeting would take place on 29th January, 2018, in Matlock the agenda for which would be published shortly.  Any questions or issues that Members would wish to be raised should be forwarded to the Chair/Scrutiny Officer.


Minute No. 56 (Communications)

The stakeholder event on 31st January would be held between 9.30-11.30 a.m. in the Lecture Theatre at the Hospital.


Minute No. 57 (Refresh of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the Integrated Health and Social Care Plan)

The Select Commission’s recommendation regarding strengthened links and governance for delivery of the Carers’ Strategy had been agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board and a new priority included under Aim 3.


Minute No. 58 (RCCG Commission Plan 2018-19)

Information on the CQC ratings for the 31 GP practices had been attached as an addendum to the minutes.


With regard to the new GP surgery for Waverley, it was still hoped that building would start in April with a view to it opening in April, 2019 but much would depend upon the developer.


Resolved:- That the minutes of the previous meeting, held on 30th November and 14th December, 2017, be approved as a correct record with the inclusion of the apologies of The Mayor (Councillor Eve Rose Keenan).


Integrated Locality Evaluation pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Dominic Blaydon, Associate Director of Transformation, TRFT, to present


Dominic Blaydon, Associate Director of Transformation TRFT, and Nathan Atkinson, Assistant Director of Strategic Commissioning RMBC, gave the following powerpoint presentation on the evaluation of Integrated Locality:-


The Health Village Integrated Locality Pilot

-          Commenced July 2016

-          Integrated locality team serving the adult population – aged 64+

-          Based at The Health Village, Doncaster Gate (2 GP practices – Clifton and St. Ann’s) supporting 35,949 residents

-          Multi-agency team – predominantly TRFT staff with a small number of Adult Care, Mental Health and voluntary sector staff


Overarching Aims for cohort of Adults 64+

-          Reduce hospital admissions

-          Reduce length of stay in hospital

-          Reduce cost of health and social care

-          Reduce duplication

-          Improve communication

-          Develop a holistic approach to care


Purpose of Evaluation

-          Has the pilot contributed to attainment of key aims?

-          Impact of the pilot service model

-          Can the Service model be replicated?

-          Recommendations for future implementation


Work done so far by Grounded Research@RDaSH

-          Literature search and evaluation complete

-          Compilation of background information

-          Interviews and focus groups carried out

-          Dataset analysis

-          Final evaluation due on 31st January 2018


Key Learning thus far

-          Development of an MDT approach is effective

-          Separation of planned and unplanned care works well

-          Benefits of co-location to all partners

-          Enables the identification of high risk patients in a holistic way

-          Encourages a culture of service improvement – bottom up

-          Has stimulated further work to simplify referral pathways

-          IT and Information Governance issues partially resolved


Key Metrics (People over 64 years)

Key Performance Indicators

-          Non-elective admissions

-          Non-elective bed days

-          Length of stay


-          Discharge destination

-          Elective bed days




-          Positive TRFT acute activity impact

-          Reduces duplication and fragmentation

-          Improves communication across the system

-          Provides a more holistic approach

-          Improves the interface with Primary Care

-          Provides opportunities for reablement

-          Allows for better integration of referral pathways

-          Splits planned and unplanned care

-          Has informed the future footprint based on 7 GP practice clusters


-          Systemic impact unclear especially for Adult Care/Mental Health

-          Future test of concept required at larger scale

-          Integration of IT and Governance

-          Capacity within the system

-          Manging variation to match local requirements

-          Embedding required changed across the system

-          Consideration of a whole family approach

-          Building in prevention and early intervention



-          Service model presented to ACP Board                   Q4 – 2017/18

-          Consultation carried out and completed                  Q1 – 2018/19

-          Implementation Plan developed                                Q1 – 2018/19

-          Separation of planned/unplanned care complete  Q2 – 2018/19

-          Phase 1 implementation of integrated localities     Q4 – 2018/19


Discussion ensued with the following issues raised/clarified:-


·           If the pilot was to be run again/scaled up, the wider pathway would need to be factored in and how it impacted/fitted in with the 2 Transformation Plans i.e. RDaSH and Adult Care Improvement Plan


·           Capacity  ...  view the full minutes text for item 64.


Adult Social Care - Final published Year End Performance Report for 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 316 KB

Nathan Atkinson, Assistant Director Strategic Commissioning to report


Further to Minute No. 17 of 20th July, 2017, Nathan Atkinson, Assistant Director Strategic Commissioning, presented the final published year end performance report 2016/17 for Adult Social Care.


Appendix 1 of the report submitted was a refreshed final table of year end performance which also showed the Direction of Travel and relative benchmarking positions against comparative councils in Yorkshire and Humber region and national rankings.


The performance highlights for 2016/17 included:-


-          Of the 28 Adult Social Care Outcome Framework (ASCOF) measures outcomes, 8 had improved, 3 maintained performance and 16 declined (one Indicator was new for 2016/17)

-          Performance on Delayed Transfers of Care attributable to Social Care or both NHS and Social Care continued to improve

-          Outcomes for people after a period of short term support (Reablement) remained in the top 3 of all Yorkshire and Humber authorities

-          Areas of challenge included supporting individuals in receipt of services within Learning Disabilities and Mental Health needs to gain and sustain paid employment

-          Performance with regard to how care and support was personalised continued to place Rotherham in the bottom 3 of the Yorkshire and Humber authorities

-          Satisfaction of service users and carers remained high when compared regionally and nationally


Discussion ensued with the following issues raised/highlighted:-


·           The implementation of Liquid Logic had led to better data and a better understanding of what was happening.  Good real time information and engagement with customers and carers was emphasised


·           The Cabinet Member had challenged and tasked Rotherham Adult Social Care to be outstanding within 3 years


·           The Improvement Plan was refreshed every 3 months.  It was currently in the process of being refreshed as one of the things that the first tranche had really focussed upon was stabilising and making safe so the focus had very much been on sorting out unallocated work, ensuring Safeguarding was as robust as possible and dealing with any issues that had not been dealt with in as timely manner as they should have been.  The Strategic Director had made it very clear that the actions within the Plan had to be delivered to time and in accordance with timescales


·           The Improvement Plan was governed by the Adult Care Improvement Board which was Chaired by an Independent Person (Andrew Cozens from the Local Government Association).  Within that there was professional challenge which was required because there was a lot of work to be done in Adult Social Care to get to where it wanted to be as an outstanding service


·           The journey was showing positive signs in terms of the direction of travel, some of the data around the Single Point of Access and the referral routes of where people were going


·           There was a lot to do.  It would be worth having some degree of scrutiny of the Plan


·           The Directorate wanted to strengthen the “front door” in response to some of the findings from the report.  Historically, when someone presented to the Rotherham front door they received far more support  ...  view the full minutes text for item 65.


Local Response to Mental Health Regulations under the Policing and Crime Act pdf icon PDF 44 KB

Questions to the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioners – Councillor Sansome to report


The Panel noted the questions, together with the responses provided, which were submitted to the 15th December, 2017, meeting of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel.


Healthwatch Rotherham - Issues


No issues had been raised.


Health and Wellbeing Board pdf icon PDF 68 KB

Minutes of meeting held on 15th November, 2017


The minutes of the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 11th January, 2017, were noted.


Councillor Roche reported that he was currently reading through the final draft of the revised Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  Members should receive a copy of the final version some time during February.


Dates of Future Meetings

Thursday,      1st March, 2018        at 10.00 a.m.

                        12th April, 2018         at 10.00 a.m


Resolved:- That the next meeting of the Health Select Commission be held on Thursday, 15th June, 2017, commencing at 9.30 a.m.