Agenda item

Traffic Speed/Calming Measures - Woodsetts Village


Richard Swann, Woodsetts Parish Council, referred to minutes of all Parish Liasion meetings held on 26th February, 2008 (Minute No. 13(a)) and 28th October, 2008 (Minute No. 22(b)).


Since then, two pedestrian counts had been undertaken, one through Councillor Hughes which, as far as the Parish Council was aware, fit the criteria for a pedestrian crossing, and then one by the Council which did not although the Parish Council felt that it had been a restricted check.


The Vehicle Activated Signs had been renewed in July, 2008, with a new type of sign.  Data had been downloaded from the signs since installation and had shown the average speeds to be in excess of 30 mph at the operative points.  It was also understood that the speed count carried out by the Council in the centre of the village had again come out at 37 mph.


The Parish Council/Neighbourhood Watch raised the following issues:-


-                 The existing signs were by the Councils own admission not having the expected effect on vehicle speeds and in their opinion incorrectly positioned and should be uprated and sited further out of the village,

-                 The need for a pedestrian crossing as well as other safety measures to slow traffic coming into and through the village i.e. centre of the village, Dinnington Road exit and the Worksop Road end.

-                 Suggested “count down” markings on the approach to the village.

-                 Speed cameras.

-                 The streetlighting column on the pavement lamppost No. 8 Dinnington Rd which caused real problems. Pedestrians had to cross over to the other side of the road whilst motorised scooters and prams could not pass safely.


Stuart Savage, Senior Engineer, reported:-


-              The Council had carried out a survey over a 12 hour period, 7.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m., counting pedestrian and vehicular movements.  The PV2 value for each hour had then been calculated and the average figure for the 4 highest hours had then been work out.  For a crossing to meet the Council’s criteria this figure should be at least 1.  In this particular case the figure was much less than 1

-              Not just vehicles and pedestrians were counted and included but things such as speed, width of the road, number of unaccompanied children

-              A programme on introducing Traffic Regulation Orders to “School Keep Clear” markings outside schools was now being run.  This would enable the Council’s Parking Attendants to issue tickets to anyone parked on the markings.  The intention was to roll it out Borough-wide in due course

-              The best methods to slow traffic were humps and bumps or cameras.  However, the criteria for cameras was very strict and there had to be a history of accidents and speed a certain amount over the speed limit


Agreed:-  (1)  That the Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services be requested to carry out a site visit at the earliest available date.


(2)  That Stuart Savage contact the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership to discuss the possibility of them visiting Woodsetts and considering the use of mobile speed cameras.


(3)  That Stuart Savage provide Councillor Hughes with a copy of the criteria for the installation of speed cameras.


(4)  That Stuart Savage consider the request for a pedestrian island against the laid down criteria.


(5)  That Stuart Savage explore the issue of speed limit “count down” markers entering the village on both Dinnington and Worksop Road.


(6)  That the issue of the streetlighting column be passed to the Streetlighting Section.


(7)  That further consideration be given to any safety measures that could be implemented at the section of Worksop Road, at the Worksop end of the village.


(8)  That Stuart Savage .investigate the use of alternative VA Signs and other positions for them.