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Woodsetts Parish Council - Traffic Concerns - Update


Further to the meeting held on 6th November, 2009 to discuss concerns with Woodsetts Parish Council, Stuart Savage from the Transportation Unit reported on various options that could be used to alleviate some of the traffic problems raised by the Parish Council.


Three options had been looked at and these were shown to the Ward representatives and Parish Council who were present.


Option 1 focused on raising up the whole junction of Worksop Road/Dinnington Road/Gildingwells Road onto a table hump similar to one used at Todwick at the junction near the school.  Included in this option were two pinchpoints further down, but either side of the junction.  As with all schemes there was a cost element and implementation of this option would be in the region of £53,000.


Option 2 was similar to Option 1, but included flat top road humps up to the approach of the junction on either side, which would allow for pedestrians to cross.  The table humps could be constructed all the way across the road thus requiring some drainage work to avoid ponding, or almost to the kerb edge to allow surface water run off to access the drainage system in the normal way.  Implementation of this option would be in the region of £41,000.


Option 3 was the most comprehensive of the three schemes and included flat top road humps strategically spaced along Woodsetts Road which would  lead to  speeds being reduced to around 25 – 30 mph.  The humps would be constructed in such a manner that public transport could access and exit the table hump in one movement, thus reducing “bumping”.  Implementation of this option would be in the region of £62,000.


Discussion ensued on the various options and the need for reduced speed along Woodsetts Road to allow the safe crossing of all residents, young and old.  Of particular concern was the fact that despite numerous attempts it was proving very difficult to find a replacement for the school crossing patrol person who is currently on long term sick leave, creating a greater need for traffic calming measures to be implemented.


Whilst the Parish Council acknowledged there was a strict criteria that had to be adhered to for the approval and implementation of traffic calming measures, they urged the Council to consider their concerns and requests for assistance.


Stuart Savage from the Transportation Unit drew particular attention to the criteria for traffic calming which were based on casualty figures.  He circulated information to the Parish Council representatives present which set out the hierarchy of schemes focusing on numbers of reported incidents/casualties on specific “hotspot” roads in the borough and the waiting list that was currently in existence, which remained subject to the funding likely to be  available for 2010/11.


The Parish Council and Ward Representatives looked in detail at each of the options and realistically asked what would be available to them in terms of  traffic calming measures on Woodsetts Road and were informed that, subject to approval and the criteria being met, an element of Option 1 with particular focus on  the junction table  at the crossroads may be available.


Reference was also made to the defective speed awareness signs that were located and sited at the entrance to the village.  Whilst it was acknowledged that moving these signs to an alternative position may be of some assistance, it was highly unlikely that they would serve to reduce the speed of motorists entering the village by the amount desired.


The Parish Council asked various questions about costs involved in the construction of various traffic calming measures, who was responsible for their construction and realistic timescales of any traffic calming implementation in rural areas should any be approved.


Ward Councillor Hughes referred to his request to the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership for  the mobile speed camera to be used in the village, he urged the Parish Council to also submit a similar request.


Ward and Parish Council representatives were advised by the Transportation Unit that any requests would have to wait until the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership had finalised their revised Community Concern Site Protocol.


In trying to find a solution to the many concerns for Woodsetts, it was suggested that part of Option 1 consisting of the introduction of the  junction table  at the crossroads be considered for approval. 


It was noted that even if approval for any traffic calming measures was achieved it was still a lengthy process for consultation and implementation of any scheme.


Agreed:-  That a report on suitable and realistic traffic calming measures for Woodsetts be submitted to the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Planning and Transportation for consideration.