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Agenda item

Children and Young People's Plan

-          Presentation by Sue Wilson, Performance and Quality Manager


Sue Wilson, Performance and Quality Manager, gave the following powerpoint presentation:-


-          The Authority no longer had to produce a Children and Young People’s Plan


-          The Partnership had developed 1 around its joint key priorities and linked it with the Health and Wellbeing Strategy plan on a page style


-          “Working together to improve the lives of all Rotherham’s children and young people”

We are responsible for all Rotherham children and young people in our care or who had unmet needs

The voice of children and young people will be listened to and acted upon

All children and young people will get support early to stay healthy

All children and young people will have the opportunity to adopt healthy lifestyles

All Rotherham learners will achieve; no one will be left behind

We will challenge any inequality


-          Our Vision for Rotherham

Keeping children and young people safe

Prevention and early intervention

Tackling inequality

Transforming Rotherham learning


-          Needs Assessment

Needs highlighted in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy/Joint Strategic Needs Assessment:-

Low birth weight and high infant mortality

High smoking rates in pregnancy

Low breastfeeding rates

High teenage conceptions

High obesity rates

Low attainment, skills and aspirations

Low levels of physical activity

High rates of emotional, behavioural or attention deficit disorders

High levels of worklessness and benefit culture

High emergency admissions

Meeting the needs of increasingly diverse minority ethnic and migrant communities

High levels of oral disease

many families feel trapped in a cycle of poverty with little prospect to escape”


-          Our Priorities

We will ensure children have the best start in life

We will engage with parents and families

We will reduce the harm to children and young people who are exposed to domestic abuse, alcohol and substance misuse and neglect

We will work with partners to eradicate child sexual exploitation from the borough

We will focus on all children and young people making good progress in their learning and development

We will target support to families in greatest need to help access learning/employment opportunities


Next Steps

-          Develop a detailed action plan which underpins the high level plan

-          Develop a performance management framework to monitor the progress of the actions in the Plan and hold all partners to account including commissioned services


Discussion ensued with the following issues highlighted:-


-          A small working party of Head Teachers were working with officers who would join up at the next Head Teachers meeting.  The issue of the Authority influencing how the Government sports funding to Primary Schools was spent would be raised.  There was  concern that the schools could be working in isolation and it was hoped that discussion around the Plan on a Page would illustrate what a difference it could make to outcomes by them getting involved   


-          The All Party Select Committee had been hesitant about the impact of the Pupil Premium.  There were a number of vulnerable children in Rotherham and the Authority had a responsibility to ask schools how they were utilising the funding. 


-          There were real differences in that statutorily the Authority was responsible but it was the schools that were accountable


Agreed:-  That the presentation be noted.

Supporting documents: