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Children and Young People's Voice

-       Sue Wilson to present


Sue Wilson, Performance and Quality Manager, gave the following powerpoint presentation regarding progress on gaining customer feedback and experiences:-



-          To develop the “learning from customers” culture across the Directorate

-          To develop a performance management culture which was not just about targets, indicators and statistics but where it was also about real life experiences and outcomes

-          Where the voice of the children, parent and family was considered alongside statistical data, quality assurance findings, learning from complaints and finance to improve services


Establishing a Baseline

How do we currently obtain feedback?

·       Every team across the Directorate had now documented and reviewed (with the support of the P&Q Team) the activities they used to captured feedback from child(ren), parents and carers using the Services

How teams currently capture customer feedback

·       Quality assurance checks

·       Minutes

·       Case studies

·       Interviews

·       Videos/DVD

·       Assessments including Reviews

·       Groups/meetings

·       Surveys

What was the most appropriate activity

·       Mystery shopping in person/telephone

·       Listening into calls

·       Learning from complaints

·       Home truths video diary

·       Case study

·       Independent customer interviews

·       Customer journey mapping

·       Website/electronic survey

·       Telephone satisfaction survey

·       Postal satisfaction survey


Support focus to date

-          Operational safeguarding

-          Adoption

-          Fostering recruitment and selection

-          Fostering supervisory


Operational Safeguarding

-          Completed a pilot using semi-structured face-to-face interviews with families after Case Conference Reviews

-          Updated questions and answers around Safeguarding on the Council website

-          Set up the facility for Case Conference Chairs to capture on case notes on CCM the children’s/parents’ views from 1:1 meeting prior to conference (embedded)


More activities carried out

-          Case Conference booklets were being redesigned and now included a separate page for obtaining the views of the child(ren)/parents prior to Case Conference

-          A text message facility was currently being set up to give children/parents/carers a more modern and faster way to put forward their views prior to Case Conference


Adoption and Fostering

-          Customer journey mapping – tracking the customers’ experience of Services from initial point of contact to completion of their journey via telephone conversations



-          Over 20% of the Foster Carers registered with the Council had taken part in telephone surveys

-          Surveys were first carried out in September, 2012, and every month since capturing feedback on their initial point of contact and experience at their first Panel

-          There had been a change in the customers’ experiences

-          The Supervisory Team survey focussed on:-

·      The foster carers’ expectations of fostering

·      Supervision and support received

·      Their ideas on how they would change Fostering

·      What made it rewarding for them

-          Changes suggested were around

·      The lack of availability, communication and support from the child’s social workers

·      Removing/amending/clarifying rules and regulations preventing the children from being treated as “normal” as possible (e.g. bathing, hairdressers, going for tea, going on holiday)


Next Steps

-          Services to change feedback activities accordingly

-          Customer feedback to be collated by P&Q and included in performance reports

-          Primarily focus should be on “the child”

-          Evidence that we listen and act through service improvement


Sue was thanked for her presentation.

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