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Any Other Business


A.      Child Sexual Exploitation

Governance – The Safeguarding Board had discussed sub-structures.  There were already Gold and Silver and it had now been agreed that the Gold Group be sub-group for CSE for the Safeguarding Board but there would still be that tactical group underneath it.  The support at sub-group level was very good and challenging and had wide/appropriate representation able to respond to what was happening locally and nationally.


There were still some issues around performance management – the “so what” question. 


Ongoing Investigations – There were 34 ongoing investigations ultimately relating to a small number of individuals.  There were currently 8 people on bail from Court for over 40 offences.  At the tactical group information was shared with regard to the location of individuals paying attention to the requirement for confidentiality. 


Home Affairs Select Committee Report – The report had been considered as a Partnership and commissioning action plan.  The action plan for CSE was a living document and would change.  Work was being undertaken around training/induction of staff.


Away Day – Discussion had taken place with regard to E-learning which was being developed and looked to be Gold Standard.  Officers were currently exploring the e-learning package.  It had been a recommendation of the Home Affairs Select Commission that all Council  and health frontline staff should be trained.


B.     CAMHS

The organisation was changing its method of working and improving their service.  A meeting with the CCG had been held and agreed to share the Improvement Plan.  The Council was now involved and a joint improvement plan would be produced around the issues that come forward. 


C. Self-Harm and Suicide

Officers had been involved in looking at the above in a school setting and a template produced for a community action plan which could be used by other school/areas if something similar occured.  A ‘lessons learned’ review would be undertaken by an independent author.


D.            Welfare Reform (and the impact on children and families)

Resolved:-  That this issue be included on the November Partnership meeting agenda.


E.    Crime Figures

There had been an 11% increase in demand for Police in Rotherham.  Some of the calls were linked to domestic violence, people in crisis but there was a need to understand it.  Was it linked to Welfare Reform or other issues?


F.     Fostering Inspection

The inspection took place at the beginning of July and lasted 4 days.  The outcome was expected very shortly.


G.    Section 11

The Consortium had held a couple of workshops organised to support Members.  There was a safeguarding toolkit which was a condition of membership for the Consortium.


H.  Terminology – Use “learning providers” rather than “schools” ” in the CYPP action plan.


I. Service Transformation Work

The transformation work would have implications for services going forward.  The whole of the public service had massive budget restrictions and a number of officers were engaged in looking at service transformation.


Feedback on the consultation carried out with user groups was due back shortly.  There would be a second phase of consultation with focus groups looking at a variety of services.


Initial proposals had to be ready by 23rd August and would then go through the Council’s decision making process.