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Organisational Review of Rotherham Council - Laying the Foundations


Consideration was given to the senior management review that had taken place, which had been particularly urgent given the gaps in permanent management appointments following resignations and retirements.


Seminars had been held with Elected Members to go through the proposed recommendations in more detail and particularly in specific areas such as the restoration of key parts of the corporate management of the organisation, Democratic Services and the Communications function.


Councillor Parker referred to the new posts being created and the associated estimated costs and was informed by the Leader that these were currently estimated at £218,807. Some of these increased costs could be absorbed by a reduction in management spend following a review.


In a supplementary question Councillor Parker was pleased to hear a reduction in management to achieve additional funding, but expressed his concern if staff at less senior level were being made redundant.


The Leader expressed his concerns about any redundancies, but pointed out this was a direct consequence of the budget position.  However, there would be benefits to the proposals to be implemented.


In addition, Councillor Reynolds referred to a key point in the report relating to effective structures and the consequences of the Council losing its ability to be effective if the capacity to challenge and manage from Elected Members and the Chief Executive was removed.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the second tier job titles be changed from “Director” to “Assistant Director”.


(2)  That a post of Strategic Director be created for the new Community Wellbeing and Housing Directorate to include Adults Services and most of Housing and Neighbourhoods Services.


(3)  That the Director of Public Health report directly to the Managing Director/Chief Executive.


(4)  That the posts of Assistant Director Strategic Commissioning and Assistant Director Independent Living and Support be created for the new Community Wellbeing and Housing Directorate in relation to Adult Social Care Services.


(5)  That the existing retitled post of Assistant Director Housing and Neighbourhood Services should be within the Community Wellbeing and Housing Directorate.


(6)  That the post of Director of Human Resources be deleted and the creation of an Assistant Chief Executive Partnerships, People and Performance.


(7)  That a post of Strategic Director Finance and Corporate Services be created.


(8)  That Human Resources be managed by the new post of Assistant Chief Executive.


(9)  That Scrutiny be included in Democratic Services, creation of a Democratic Services Manager post and transfer of Democratic Services into the management of the Assistant Chief Executive.


(10)  That a new Corporate Performance Team be created initially from existing staff from within the Authority.


(11)  That the Equalities function be recreated to include responsibilities for helping to support cohesion and to be located in the Policy and Performance Team.


(12)  That a post of Voluntary Sector Liaison Manager be created.


(13)  That the Communications Team be restructured.


(14)  That the post of Director of Transformation (formerly known as Internal Audit and Asset Management) be deleted and the post of Assistant Director, Audit, ICT and Procurement be created.


(15)  That a post of Assistant Director of Community Safety be created.


(16)  That the transfer of Asset Management permanently into Environment and Development Services be approved.


Mover:-  Councillor Read                           Seconder:-  Councillor Watson

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