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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy


Further to the meeting of Commissioner Ney and the Advisory Licensing Board held on 29th June, 2015, consideration was given to a report which detailed the proposed Policy in relation to Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing scheduled for implementation on 6th July, 2015 (subject to the receipt of representations against the decision).


The proposed Policy was the result of the largest overhaul of the Council’s licensing policy and practice ever to have taken place.  Once implemented the Policy was designed to bring about significant improvement in the regulation of the taxi and private hire trade in Rotherham and ensure that the standard of drivers, vehicles and operators were improved.


As a result of the responses received during the consultation, and discussions with the Advisory Licensing Board and licensed trade representatives, Commissioner Ney made a number of amendments to the Policy which Members of the Council were urged to support.


Clarification was sought on various matters including the issuing of receipts and the use of non-Rotherham licensed drivers and were informed by Commissioner Ney that receipts would only be issued on request.  In terms of the use of non-Rotherham licensed drivers, the Policy did stipulate licensed drivers from Rotherham, but it was hoped in time this could be enforced across South Yorkshire.


Support was expressed to the Policy in order to protect some of the most vulnerable in society who used taxi services through the use of CCTV. 


There was a suggestion that there be more improved communication and race relations to iron out some of the difficulties in the Policy.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the Revised RMBC Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy (attached as Appendix 1 to this report) be noted.


(2)  That Commissioner Ney’s decisions with regard to the policy (minded to decision notice attached as Appendix 2) be noted.


Mover:-  Councillor Ellis               Seconder:-  Councillor Wallis


(Councillors’ Khan and Yasseen declared disclosable pecuniary interests on the grounds of being involved with or knowing someone in the licensing trade and withdrew from the room whilst this item was discussed)


(Councillors Alam, Ali, Atkin, Beaumont, Beck, Buckley, Burton, Cowles, Currie, Cutts, Ellis, Evans, Finnie, Fleming, Gosling, Hague, J. Hamilton, Hoddinott, Hughes, Hunter, Jepson, Johnston, Jones, Lelliott, Mallinder, McNeely, Middleton, Parker, Pickering, Price, Read, Reeder, Roche, Roddison, Rose, Rosling, Rushforth, Sansome, Steele, Turner, Turner, C. Vines, M. Vines, Wallis, Watson, Whelbourn, Whysall and Wyatt supported the Policy adoption)


(Councillor Ali abstained from the vote)

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