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Council Plan Quarter 1 (April to June 2019) Areas for Improvement

To discuss the measures highlighted as areas for improvement, within the exception report and the actions required to improve performance.


Consideration was given to the Council Plan Quarter 1 Performance Report for the period from April to June 2019. It was reported that at the end of Quarter 1, 31 measures had either met or had exceeded the target set in the Council Plan.  This represented 55% of the total number of measures where data was available or where targets had been set. This was a significant improvement in performance compared to Quarter 1 2018-2019 where only 47% of measures hit their targets. The priority area with the highest proportion of targets met was Priority 4 (Extending opportunity, prosperity and planning for the future) where 75% of measures (where data is available or where targets have been set) were marked as on target. The direction of travel was positive for 29 (53%) of the measures calculated in this quarter. This was noted as an improvement compared to the 51% figure for last quarter and 45% in Quarter 1 2018-2019.


Referring to the measure in respect of repeat child protection plans, Members sought clarification as to whether any work had been done to establish how effective interventions have been. In response, officers indicated that a substantial amount of work had taken place, with reviews occurring through practice learning days and developing a culture of learning in the service. In response to a supplementary question, officers were not wholly confident that plans were not revisiting issues that were considered to have been previously resolved.


Members sought to understand the rationale behind the projected increase in missed bins. In response, officers indicated that performance was not where they wanted it to be, but context was important given the significant change in the service that had occurred. It was noted that officers were aware of the areas where collections were being missed. On this basis, they were confident that performance would be under the target figure before the end of the calendar year.


The Board sought assurances around the system in place to ensure that teachers understood the needs and issues of looked after children. In response, officers indicated that every school had identified leads for looked after children and each child had a personal education plan. It was recognised that transitions from one class to another or one school to another could be very complex for children, and teachers needed support in challenging difficult behaviours.


Members queried the level of compliance in respect of safeguarding requirements for hackney carriage/private hire licence holders. In response, officers confirmed that there was 100% compliance and that the policy provided for a licence not to be issued without a check from the Disclosure and Barring Service.


Surprise was expressed that only 8 homes had been delivered against the target of 175 and sought to understand what the timeframes and plans were for delivery. In response, officers confirmed that it was not a linear process and it was not expected to be a problem in delivering against the target. Construction programmes at Braithwell Road in, Maltby and the Bellows site at Rawmarsh would contribute significantly towards the delivery of the target. It was noted that pre-fabricated home were not included in the delivery plan.




1.    That the report be noted.

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