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Carers Framework for the Future 2020-21

Anne Marie Lubanski, RMBC - Update from a workshop session to develop the plan to improving the health and wellbeing of carers


Jo Hinchcliffe, Service Improvement and Governance Manager, gave the following powerpoint presentation:-


-        Carer Assessment and Eligibility Policy Guidance for Carers finalised on 4th January, 2019 – due review date July 2019

-        Carers Action Plan 2018-2020 – Department of Health and Social Care


Carers Survey July, 2019

-        No joined up working and lack of liaison between Services/Departments

-        Services contradict each other and budget cuts were impacting on Services with lengthy waiting lists

-        Carers feel isolated, frustrated, undervalued and unheard

-        Carers feel passed around between Services and the transition from Children to Adults is not a smooth process

-        Not clear of who to contact and where to go for advice

-        Carers want a designated person to assist with all aspects of support


Things to Do

-        Update the carer profile including young carers

-        Review of the current Strategy – Impact Assessment/focus group work

-        Assistive technology offer – carers embedded within

-        Assessment process reviewed and recommendations made

-        Carer journey mapped

-        Carers Centre – Impact Assessment

-        Partnership Board – review Terms of Reference

-        Information offer – scope it out

-        Carer Services – asset mapping of what is out there

-        Activity and events planned

-        Training prospectus


Things to aim for

-        We will commit to improving how carers are involved in the production and design of services

-        We will make sure carers feel informed about and involved in the conservations surrounding the person they care for

-        We will look at how to widen personal budgets

-        We will work with employers to raise awareness of flexible working policies

-        We will support carers taking a break from caring

-        We will make it easy for carers to get the right information at the right time

-        We will ensure carer assessments incorporate solutions that include friends, family and the wider community


Proposed High Level Implementation Plan 2020-21

Quarter 1

-        Governance Review – Partnership Board’s Terms of Reference refreshed

-        Review of the Carer Strategy

-        Adult Social Care Pathway:  Process mapping/assessments consistency checks

-        Carers Centre – Review/Impact Assessment

-        Information Officer – scoping work partner conversations


Quarter 2

-        Quarterly highlight report into Health and Wellbeing Board

-        Co-production work for the Strategy

-        Assistive Technology – requirement for carers

-        Carer journey mapping (with partners)

-        Information Officer - co-production (digital channels)


Quarter 3

-        Quarterly highlight report into Health and Wellbeing Board

-        Consultation work for the Strategy

-        Feed into the Digital Solutions Programme

-        ASC Pathway – Refresh Policy Guidance for Carers

-        Carers Centre – future options/consultation

-        Information Officer – consultation linked to Strategy work


Quarter 4

-        Quarterly highlight report into Health and Wellbeing Board

-        Refreshed Carer Strategy 2021-25

-        ASC Pathway consistently applied

-        Carer Centre offer re-profiled

-        Information, advice and guidance offer refreshed


Proposed Timeline of Activity 2020-21

Start-up Activity February-March, 2020

-        Scoping work (reported into SMT 5th March)

-        Business case to DLT (10th March)

-        Health and Wellbeing Board update 11th March

-        Project Group set up (reports into Project Assurance Meeting from 19th March)

-        Programme-Implementation Plan (signed off at Project Assurance Meeting 19th March)


Discussion ensued on the presentation with the following issues raised/clarified:-


·        The requirement of sign off by other organisations involved with carers needed to be included within the timetable for signoff of the Strategy

·        Ensure the scoping exercise included other carer groups within Rotherham

·        Identification of young carers

·        Apps for carers particular for those of the younger generation

·        Use of technology would provide data which could be use for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


Resolved:-  (1)  That the update on the Carers Framework 2020-21 be noted.


(2)  That the Board receives updates on a 6 monthly basis.

Action:-  Jo Hinchcliffe

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