Agenda item

Update from Local Outbreak Engagement Board

Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive, RMBC, to report


Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive, provided a verbal update on the work of the Local Outbreak Engagement Board as follows:-


-                  Currently the infection rate, as at 3rd November, 2020, was 505 per 100,000 population.  There had not  been a reduction but it did appear that the increase might be slowing down to that previously seen


-                  The Local Outbreak Engagement Board had considered its plan which built on its responses to information i.e. looking at the Incident Management Teams supporting the workplace, business and residents to stay safe.  That continued and continued to work with areas that had seen a small number of people testing positive but no significant outbreaks at this particular time


-                  There was still community transition but not specific to a workplace; it was general transmission within the community.  An impact on local schools was being seen who continued to work very collaboratively and adhere with national guidelines.  Staff abstraction rates were increasing across all agencies but to date no significant Service impacts arising therefrom


-                  After the national lockdown period, there would be consideration by the Government as to what happened next.  If the infection rate was such, then the tiered system would come into play and there would be further discussions with Government officials nearer to the date (2nd December) as to which tier Rotherham and South Yorkshire would go back into if the national tiering system was still in operation


-                  Work continued on communications and encouraging members of the public with the right message in a friendly way but still getting the message across.  There had an increase in enforcement seen, with the support of South Yorkshire Police, with regard to organisations/business that were flagrantly breaking the legislation


-                  Through the Gold arrangements in Health, colleagues would work with the Government as more information became available regarding mass vaccination.  Discussions would take place over the coming weeks with regard to mass testing/whole town testing as well as an opportunity to consider with the Government and from their feedback, what might be available and what was the best fit for South Yorkshire


-                  As from 5th November the clinically extremely vulnerable individuals would receive a letter through their health system advising them to minimise their contacts as far as possible.  The Rotherham Community Hub had never been stood down and continued to provide support for those isolating or clinically extremely vulnerable


-                  The situation continued to be fast paced in terms of engagement with the Government and good partnership arrangement through the Local Outbreak Engagement Board


Chris Edwards, RCCG,  commented that, in terms of the Rotherham response, the Public Health experts were saying that although we might have reached a peak in infection rates it was likely that services would be maintained at the high level for 8 weeks or so and, in terms of partnership, had to make sure that it was working on the assumption the services would be under pressure for a prolonged period.




That the update be noted.