Agenda item

Development Proposals


Resolved:-  (1)  That, on the development proposals now considered, the requisite notices be issued and be made available on the Council’s website and that the time limits specified in Sections 91 and 92 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 apply.


In accordance with the right to speak procedure, a number of people attended the meeting and spoke about the following applications:-


-               Erection of 116 No. dwellinghouses, landscaping, public open space & associated infrastructure at Pitches Sports Club Wickersley Road Broom for Newett Homes Limited (RB2019/0539)


Ms. E. Lancaster (on behalf of the Applicant)

Mr. A. Fellows (Objector)

Mr. P. Woodward (Objector)

Mr. Alexander Stafford M.P. (Objector)

Mr. S. Gillatt (Objector)

Ms. R. Moss (Objector)

Statements were also read out on behalf of Councillor B. Cutts (Objector) and Councillor K. Reeder (Objector).


-               Erection of 285 No. dwellinghouses with public open space, landscaping & construction of new access road at land at Oldcotes Road Dinnington for Harron Homes (RB2020/1346)


Mr. A. Van Vliet (Applicant)

Ms. V. Horner (Objector)

Mr. M. Kent (Objector)

Mr. A. Elliot (Objector)

Mr. Alexander Stafford M.P. (Objector)

Councillor J. Vjestica (Objector)

Mr. L. Sadler (Objector)

A statement was read out on behalf of Ms. K. Middleton (Objector).


-               Erection of 8 No. apartments at Former Sports and Social Club Rockcliffe Road Rawmarsh for AHS Properties (RB2020/1655)


A statement was read out on behalf of Mr. M. Smith (Applicant).


(2)  That the Planning Board declare that it was not favourably disposed towards application RB2019/0539 and that it be refused for the following reasons:-



The Local Planning Authority considers that the site represents an irreplaceable amenity and as such its loss cannot be compensated for. Accordingly the proposal is contrary to Local Plan Policy SP38 ‘Protecting Green Space’ which indicates that such sites will be protected from future development.



The Local Planning Authority also considers that in the absence of an up to date Playing Pitch Strategy there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that the proposed mitigation is sufficient to provide replacement sporting facilities of an equivalent or better provision in terms of quantity and quality in accordance with Local Plan Policy SP38 ‘Protecting Green Space’ and paragraph 97 of the NPPF.


(3)  That, application RB2020/1346 be granted for the reasons adopted by Members at the meeting, subject to the relevant conditions listed in the submitted report, an amendment to Condition 25 to now read:-


“The development shall be carried out in accordance with the Written Scheme of Investigation by PCAS Archaeology dated February 2021 unless otherwise agreed by the Local Planning Authority, and the development shall not be brought into use until the Local Planning Authority has confirmed in writing that the requirements of the WSI have been fulfilled or alternative timescales agreed.”


(4)  That, application RB2020/1655 be granted for the reasons adopted by Members at the meeting.


(Councillor Sheppard vacated the Chair and left the meeting prior to application RB2020/1655 was discussed and Councillor Williams (Vice-Chair) assumed the Chair for that application until the end of the meeting)

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