Agenda item

Questions from Members of the Public


To receive questions from members of the public who wish to ask a general question in respect of matters within the Council’s area of responsibility or influence.


Subject to the Chair’s discretion, members of the public may ask one question and one supplementary question, which should relate to the original question and answered received.


Councillors may also ask questions under this agenda item.


(1)  Councillor Simon Ball asked the following question to the Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Brookes:


Having visited a constituent in a flat, the boiler was found to be completely inadequate, like it was something from the 80’s. I have asked for a review of all the boilers in that place [that block of flats] and it found that several need replacing. Can we have a look at the whole stock of boilers because the amount of money that the resident must be wasting is phenomenal? Is that something we can look at?


In response, the Cabinet Member explained that there had been correspondence regarding the block of flats and confirmed that the Council were investigating all of the boilers in that block. The Cabinet Member confirmed that she would speak with officers regarding a review of the whole stock to see if others were at risk.


(2)  Councillor Simon Ball asked the following question which was responded to by the Leader, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Dominic Beck, and the Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment:


Cumwell Lane – unfortunately there was a death this week. I reported that road on Sunday; Councillor Singleton has reported that road for speed and mud. I want to know why it has taken all of that and then a death to happen on that road for action to be taken?


In response, the Leader offered his condolences to the family and friends of those impacted. It was explained that roads operated within a legal framework and the Council would be looking at ways to ensure an accident like that mentioned never happened again.


The Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment also offered his condolences to the friends and family of the deceased and invited the Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment to give an update on the current situation. Mr Woodcock explained that the Council was working with South Yorkshire Police and other partners on the investigation. There had been previous reports of speeding and road traffic concerns on that road as it was a long stretch of country road and that information would feed into the analysis on road safety measures and other potential mitigations should that be forthcoming. It was explained that this would not be a quick process but officers had been working over the weekend in relation to the particular incident mentioned.


The Leader invited Councillor Ball to ask a supplementary question and Councillor Ball explained that he believed the problems stemmed from the planning permission as Hellaby residents were not consulted despite them being majorly impacted by the development. Why were Hellaby residents not informed of the tip opening? Councillor Ball also expressed concerns about a large warehouse opening at the end of the lane which would create 1,500 jobs. The concern was that Cumwell Lane could not accommodate that number of vehicles and following the recent incident on the road, it needed looking at.


The Leader explained that Councillor Beck and officers would provide a written response regarding the concerns raised.