Agenda item

Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Report

Councillor Roche, Chair, to present


The Chair presented the Health and Wellbeing Board 2021/22 annual report with the aid of the following powerpoint presentation:-


Our 2021/22

-        May 2021

Board agrees that 4 key aims would remain the headline outcomes for the Board to work towards

Prevention and Health Inequalities Group meets for the first time

-        July 2021

Consultation with members on refreshed priorities was launched

-        September 2021

The Health and Wellbeing Board approved the renewed priorities and refreshed action plan

-        February 2022

Government publishes Joining Up Care for People, Places and Populations.  The Government’s proposals for health and care integration

-        March 2022

Board Executive group meet the designated Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board


Refreshed Strategic Priorities

-        Aim 1:  All children get the best start in life and go on to achieve their full potential

Develop our approach to give every child the best start in life

Support children and young people to develop well


-        Aim 2:  All Rotherham people enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing and have a good quality of life

Promote better mental health and wellbeing for all Rotherham people

Take action to prevent suicide and self-harm

Promote positive workplace wellbeing for staff across the partnership

Enhance access to Mental Health Services


-        Aim 3:  All Rotherham people live well for longer

Ensure support is in place for carers

Support local people to lead healthy lifestyles including reducing the health burden from tobacco, obesity and drugs and alcohol


-        Aim 4:  All Rotherham people live in healthy, safe and resilient communities

Deliver a loneliness plan for Rotherham

Promote health and wellbeing through arts and cultural initiatives

Ensure Rotherham people are kept safe from harm

Develop a Borough that supports a healthy lifestyle


Key Areas of Progress – Aim 1

-        RMBC Catering Services have achieved a Food for Life award

-        Children’s services developed a team Around the School (TAS) model of working, developing targeted support for children and young people in schools with a focus on mental health wellbeing, transition and including recovery from the impact of Covid-19 on pupils’ wellbeing


Key Areas of Progress – Aim 2

-        Launch of the Be the One campaign in September 2021

-        Between April 2021 and March 2022 Council staff delivered training to over 100 people across the partnership to increase awareness on self-harm and suicide prevention


Key Areas of Progress – Aim 3

-        Strengthening support for carers through the establishment of “The Borough That Cares Strategic Group”

-        A variety of programmes were delivered to support local people to lead healthy lifestyles including reducing the health burden from tobacco, obesity and drugs and alcohol


Key Areas of Progress – Aim 4

-        Rotherham Show was delivered in September 2021 in a Covid-safe way

-        Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training was launched and delivered to over 150 people

-        Public Health England (PHE) Better Mental Health Fund Befriender project was delivered


Our Challenges

-        Health inequalities between our most and least deprived communities and between Rotherham and national average

-        Mental health and wellbeing remains a concern and half of people aged 75 years+ live alone and were lonely

-        More than 30,000 people were providing unpaid care in Rotherham

-        A significant proportion of adults were physically inactive


Forward Look

-        Refresh Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy based on the agreed priorities, including delivering a loneliness plan, ensuring support was in place for carers and developing a Borough that supports a healthy lifestyle

-        Engage with members across partner organisations and Board sponsors to update the Board’s action plan which underpins the Strategy

-        Work with South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS to shape future arrangements


Discussion ensued on the report and presentation with the following issues raised/clarified:-


·        Acknowledgement that there were some gaps as details of the ICP were still awaited

·        Several meetings that taken place with the new Chief Executive and Chair of the ICP

·        It had been a very difficult year due to the impact of Covid on key organisations and the necessary diversion of their resources

·        The quarterly meetings with the South Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board Chairs and Chief Executives would continue

·        Pleasing work carried out with schools to support children with their mental health needs that had been exacerbated by the pandemic

·        The impact of the increasing levels of poverty and disadvantage in the Borough and the continuing pressure of those together with the fuel/energy crisis


Resolved:-  (1)  That the 2021-22 annual report be noted.


(2)  That Aim updates be submitted to future Board meetings.

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