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Consideration of an application (made in accordance with s.51 of the Licensing Act 2003) for the review of the Club Premises Certificate issued to Anston Club Limited in respect of Anston Club, 1 Main Street, North Anston, Sheffield S25 4BD


The Licensing Manager reported that, since the issuing of the Sub-Committee papers, there had been some developments in relation to the application to review the Club Premises Certificate to Anston Club Limited. 


The concerns relating to the premises had included the admittance of non-members, sale of alcohol after hours, smoking in the premises, failing to maintain the requirements of an action plan by South Yorkshire Police in 2021 and disorder, noise and drug abuse which had led to the action plan being agreed.  These serious issues had given rise to concerns by the Licensing Service acting as Responsible Authority.


The Licensing Service had initially been seeking a revocation of the Club Premises Certificate as it had been felt to be the only action in order to successfully and appropriately uphold the licensing objectives.  However, having had the opportunity to discuss the application with the Club’s legal representative, the position of the Licensing Service had now changed in relation to this matter.


Whilst not minimising the concerns the Council had in relation to the premises, the Local Authority felt that the revocation of the licence may no longer be appropriate.  A number of conditions were proposed which it was felt would successfully uphold the licensing objectives at the premises.  The conditions had been submitted to Anston Club’s legal representative and all 23 conditions had been agreed as follows:-


1.   The Club shall install a CCTV system at the premises which has 30 days recording and retrieval and be capable of downloading onto a portable storage device such as DVD or memory stick.


2.   The CCTV cameras shall cover the entirety of the premises including the till area where payment is made for alcohol and all areas in which members of the public have access including all external areas and the customer park.


      The location of the monitor to allow playback and retrieval of data shall be located in an area which is easily and safely accessible to Police Officers and Local Authority officers.


3.   At least one current staff member shall be trained in the use of the system to ensure rapid data retrieval and download was retrieved should it be required by a Police Officer or Council Officer.


4.   The Police and authorised Local Authority officers will be given unhindered access to the CCTV system as soon as is reasonably practicable in order for them to take copies of the images in connection with the prevention and detection of crime and disorder.


5.  New staff shall receive induction training prior to the commencement of their employment at the Club including drug awareness, underage sales training and serving to persons who are drunk.


6.   Staff refresher training shall take place on an annual basis and shall be recorded.


7.   Staff training records in respect of age verification, underage sales, serving alcohol to persons under the influence of alcohol and drug awareness, shall be kept in respect of new and existing staff.


      The record shall be signed by the Present or Secretary and the member of staff, dated  and kept on site for inspection by Police or authorised Local Authority Licensing Officer on request.


8.   An age verification scheme, incorporating Challenge 25, must be in operation at the premises and adhered to.  Customers suspected to be under the age of 25 must be asked for photographic ID upon entry to the premises and when at the bar.  The ID should be in the form of a photographic driving licence, passport or identification with “PASS” emblem on.


9.   Monitoring to be put in place for customers who do not present themselves at the bar to ensure they are also ID checked.


10.An incident register containing details of any incident of crime, disorder, or public nuisance during times the Club is open shall be in place at the premises.  The register shall consist of consecutively numbered pages in a bound format and be located at the Club at all times.


      The register shall be checked weekly and signed by the Club President or Secretary.


      The register shall be made available for inspection by South Yorkshire Police or a Local Authority Enforcement Officer on request.


11.A refusals log containing details of any refusals at the bar or door must be recorded.  The register shall consist of consecutively numbered pages in a bound format and be located at the Club at all times.


      The register shall be checked weekly and signed by the Club President or Secretary.


      The register shall be made available for inspection by South Yorkshire Police or a Local Authority Enforcement Officer on request.


12.The Club shall ensure that an admissions policy is in place at the Club and all staff are aware of the content.


      The door must be monitored by a Committee member at all times the Club is open.  Checks must be in place to ensure all persons attending the Club are members or the guest of a member.


      A signing-in book must be in place at the premises and completed by the member and guest upon entry.


      Regular checks on the quality of the Club Signing-in Book must be made and signed off by the President on a weekly basis.


      No person who is, or appears to be, intoxicated shall be permitted to enter the Club and/or to be served alcohol or other refreshments.  Persons under the influence of drugs will also not be allowed entry.


13.The Committee shall ensure that regular toilet checks are undertaken to deter any drug activity.  Staff members must document on the incident log any drug activity found.


      Toilet checks must be recorded on a toilet check monitoring sheet.


14.The Committee shall undertake a risk assessment of the premises to determine whether door supervisors shall be required.


15.Whenever there are anticipated changes to the normal operating framework of the Club, where it is reasonable to assume there will be an increase in customers, for example a home football game or the advertising and promoting of a sporting event, a risk assessment shall be carried out by the President to determine whether door supervisors shall be required.


      The risk assessment shall be documented in a register, kept at the Club and available for inspection by the Police or Council Licensing Enforcement Officer upon request.


      The risk assessment shall comply with any advice given by South Yorkshire Police or Council Licensing Officers in respect of door supervisors.


16.Clear notices shall be placed at all exits advising customers that they leave the premises in a respectful manner and keep noise to a minimum.


17.Customers shall not be permitted to take vessels containing alcoholic products into the Club and no open vessels containing alcoholic products shall be allowed to be taken from the premises save for consumption in an external area provided for that purpose whilst the premises are conducting licensable activities.


18.Committee members shall ensure that regular checks are carried out outside of the Club to ensure that the area is free from litter and nuisance behaviour associated with the operation of the business.


19.The Committee shall ensure attendance at the local Pub Watch Scheme meeting on a regular basis by nominated representative.


20.The Committee shall ensure a financial statement for the previous financial year is completed and made available for Club members to view.


21.The Committee shall ensure an Annual General Meeting is undertaken and minutes taken.


22.The Committee shall ensure regular Committee meetings are held.  Minutes shall be taken of these meetings and produced to the Licensing Authority or Police on request.


23.The Committee must ensure that a minimum period of 48 hours has elapsed between becoming a member and being permitted entry to the Club to participate in Club activities.  The Committee must ensure that same day membership is not permitted.


Ms. J. Heggie, legal representative for Anston Club, confirmed that the Club had no objection to any of the proposed conditions.  However, the current CCTV system had a recording facility for 14 days and had 16 HD cameras covering all of the premises.  Increasing the capacity of the system to 30 days would increase the costs to the Club significantly.  If the Sub-Committee insisted on 30 days, the Club would request a lead-in time for the installation to take place.


The Sub-Committee questioned Mr. M. Kavanagh, President, and Mr. R. Fisher, Secretary, and 2 other Club members who were present at the meeting.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the 23 proposed conditions submitted be approved for inclusion on the Club Premises Certificate of Anston Club, 1 Main Street, North Anston, Sheffield S25  4BD.


(2)  That the requirement for the CCTV system to be upgraded to 30 days recording be implemented by 7th December, 2022.

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