Agenda item

RMBC Transportation Unit - Updates


Andrew Moss, Head of Transport Infrastructure, gave an update with the aid of the following powerpoint presentation:-


Delivery 2022 Update

-        Parkway Scheme – complete

-        Greasbrough Junction – complete

-        Bellows Road Clean Air Zone Scheme – complete

-        Other Schemes/Developments

College Road NPIF junction improvement – to completion

Cumwell Lane – approaching Section 278 sign off

Motorway Service Area – Section 278

-        Programmes

Cycle Hub and Schools Road Safety Training – ongoing

Cycling Strategy Delivery Plan – in draft for March 2023 approval

Traffic Management Act Part 6 – ready for submission to Government

-        Clean Air Zone Schemes – complete

-        Transforming Cities Fund Programme – scheme now in consultation, detailed design and awaiting FBC ahead of construction to March 2024

-        City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRST) – funding allocated, revenue funding approved, programme of scheme development in hand

-        Local schemes – Local Neighbourhood Road Safety (LNRS) Programme brought to completion.  New concept introduced and engagement started

-        Centenary Way Viaduct Slab Failure Scheme – Responded immediately, made safe.  TTM amended November back to 2 lanes.  Full scheme to get funding approval.  Delivery Spring/Summer 2023

-        Service Management Processes – Service planning.  Budget bids submitted


Year Ahead 2023

-        January – Application for Traffic Management Act (TMA) Part 6 Powers

-        CRST into feasibility (early 2023)

-        Sheffield Clean Air Zone to go live 27th February, 2023

-        April – Cabinet report – Transport Capital Programme and finalisation of Cycling Delivery Plan

-        TCF into construction (early 2023-early 2024)

-        Local Transport Plan 4 – DfT consultation early 2023 for completion early 2024 (includes quantifiable carbon reduction)

-        The Whins into construction Spring 2023

-        LNRS tranche 1 delivery

-        TMA Part 6 Designation Order from Government (expected)

-        LNRS tranche 2 prioritisation Winter 2023/24

-        Bus service improvement plan and enhanced partnership working


Policy Update

-        DfT indicate broadly similar direction of travel notwithstanding changes of Government i.e. improved tone on active travel and impact of spending review

-        SYMCA Transport Strategy and implementation plans to be renewed under LTP4

-        Bus Recovery Grant/£2 single cap ends March


Wider Picture – current key issues – progress since previous update

-        Strategy/Policy/Funding

·        Funding


Central Government Financial Statement

Active Travel Fund 4

·        Integrated Rail Plan – ongoing lobby

Active Travel England up and running

Great British Railways – deferral of go live

·        Local Transport Plan

Review to 2024

-        Carbon Reduction

·     Climate – now post COP26

Global events continue to pressure

Decarbonisation of transport

-        Active Travel

·        Health

Increased focus on active travel, lower speeds and improve air quality

·        Air quality

Sheffield City Council CAZ Scheme go live end of February

Completion of RMBC CAZ schemes

Active Travel progress on current schemes to March 2024

-        Public Transport and Covid Recovery

·        Covid – no new travel data as yet

·        BSIP and Public Transport Recovery – enhanced partnerships

·        Economy

Inflation %

Supplier shortages


South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership Update

-        Strategy “VISION Zero” Launch

-        Governance and resourcing changes

-        Greater devolved responsibilities to member authorities


Rail Travel

-        There were proposals for Rotherham main line and a new station at Waverley – both had £1M scheme development funding to enable them to be designed, business cases submitted to Government and then funding to be allocated by Government.  There was regional optimism as to the successful outcome of the bids which would hopefully be delivered in 2027-2030

-        Work was taking place on the delivery of a joint tram station and the travel benefits that would be derived from such


Discussion ensued with the following issues raised:-


-        The need for road safety measures in Anston due to the number of accidents and traffic backlogs

-        The proposed tram train station at Magna was behind programme due to technical issues that needed to be addressed with regard to signalling in compliance with the main line signalling for trains and tram train signalling and how they dovetailed together.  These issues needed resolving with Network Rail. 


Agreed:-  (1)  That the update be noted.


(2)  That an update be provided to the Panel on the current situation with the tram train station at Magna.