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Safer Rotherham Partnership Annual Report 2021-22

For Overview and Scrutiny Management Board to consider the Safer Rotherham Partnership’s Annual Report in its role as the Council’s Statutory Crime and Disorder Committee.


The Board considered the Safer Rotherham Partnership’s Annual Report in its role as the Council’s Statutory Crime and Disorder Committee. This was in line with Section 19 of the Police and Justice Act 2006 and the Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Regulations 2009, which stated that annual scrutiny was required of decisions made and actions taken by responsible authorities in connection with the discharge of crime and disorder functions.


The partnership assessed local crime priorities annually, consulting with partners and the local community and monitor progress in achieving them. The Probation Service, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board and South Yorkshire Police were the five responsible authorities who made up the partnership. In addition, Voluntary Action Rotherham, Victim Support and the Police and Crime Commissioner were represented on SRP Board meetings.


The overarching priorities referred to in the annual report were agreed by the SRP Board in 2018, following an enhanced assessment and consultation process to develop 3-year priorities from 2018 to 2021. Annual “light touch” reviews had taken place since, focussing on high-risk threats and areas presenting an increasing or changing risk level. A comprehensive and enhanced priority review process was carried out from May 2021 to March 2022 to inform new priorities and a new SRP Plan from 2022 to 2025. This included a comprehensive review of Police and partner data and information, wide ranging consultation, use of the Management of Risk in Law Enforcement (MoRiLE) tool to assess risks and workshops with strategic leads and professionals with relevant expertise.


The Chair welcomed the Cabinet Member for Customer Services, Community Safety and Finance, the Assistant Director for Community Safety and Streetscene, the Interim Head of Safety and Streetscene and Chief Superintendent Kosckiewicz, South Yorkshire Police to the meeting.


The Cabinet Member introduced the report and outlined that the Safer Rotherham Partnership (SRP) was the Borough's Community Safety Partnership, set up under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Responsible authorities had a duty to work together to protect their local communities and help people feel safer, dealing with crime and local issues such as anti-social behaviour, drug or alcohol misuse and reoffending.


The Assistant Director outlined that the report provided a high-level overview of partnership activities over the previous 12 months. The Assistant Director referred to the priority areas which were detailed in the report. These included:


·       child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation;

·       prevention of online offending;

·       prevention of re-offending;

·       protecting vulnerable people being drawn into extremism;

·       managing community tensions;

·       reducing repeat victims of crime;

·       tackling domestic abuse and violence against women and girls; and

·       preventing serious and organised crime.


The report detailed action in respect of each of these issues in turn, highlighting successes and acknowledging areas of challenge.


The Chair invited the Chief Superintendent to comment on the report. She highlighted that the partnership worked well together, citing the example of the externally validated work on Child and Criminal Exploitation of this positive approach.


The Chair invited questions from the Board. A discussion on the following issues ensued:


·       In reference to measures to address serious and organised crime, the success of ‘Operation Grow’ to disrupt cannabis production and distribution was noted. It was noted that organised crime also affected the rural areas of the Borough, the Chief Superintendent detailed some of the actions taken to tackle crime in these areas including rural crime officers and off-road biking teams.


·       In respect of the impact of community payback on rates of re-offending, it was outlined that data was not gathered on reoffending rates. It was observed that no young people who had attended the scheme had re-offended. It was noted that community payback had a positive impact in communities, building trust and confidence. It was outlined that the scheme was offered by the Police and Crime Commissioner across South Yorkshire, with Rotherham adding additional resources to enhance provision.


·       Clarification was sought of the process of accessing community payback within wards to complete projects. It was advised that changes to the Probation Service were being made and that staff involved in the CAP process should be contacted. It was noted that that a newsletter was being issued which would clarify the work of the partnership more widely to ward members and local communities.


·       Details was sought about levels of participation of licenced premises in initiatives to address drink spiking.


·       An example was given regarding public perception and informing affected communities of actions taken when crimes had been committed. Assurance was given that police were actively investigating the crimes outlined.


·       Clarification was given about the new approach to tackling violence against women and girls which addressed prevention and improvements to women’s safety.


·       Attendance of senior officers neighbourhood meetings was discussed. It was outlined that PSCOs had good local knowledge and understanding of issues.


·       In reference to protecting vulnerable adults, the Chair mentioned the recent spotlight review into modern slavery and thanked the Cabinet Member and officers for their contributions.




1.    That the progress of the Safer Rotherham Partnership in tackling crime and disorder in 2021-22 against its key priorities be noted.


2.    That consideration be given by the Safer Rotherham Partnership to improving public perceptions of its activity and actions related to this activity be reported to this Board in the 2022-23 Annual Report and progress updates.

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