Agenda item

Financial Inclusion Strategy


Report from the Strategic Director for Adult Care, Housing and Public Health.




1.    That Cabinet approves the Corporate Financial Inclusion Plan 2023-24


Consideration was given to the report which sought approval for the Financial Inclusion Plan. The Plan detailed the support available to the residents of Rotherham.


The UK was facing the highest inflation rates in over 40 years leading to significant increases in the prices of food, heating, and clothing and the Council had strategically used its Household Support Fund to help those most in need to help.


The aim of the plan was to continue to help residents and tenant to improve their quality of life by maximising their income, increasing levels of education and improving their potential to gain employment.


The plan would be implemented by the Financial Inclusion team within the Housing Service, but it would also have access from all directorates to ensure the council was offering services to all residents.


The plan could not stand alone in delivering solutions; therefore, it was a co-ordinated approach that brought together the wider council services, partners and agencies which would achieve greater success.


This was part of wider wrap around support for all residents of the borough, so that people who wanted to get into work could be helped along every step of the way, through the support of the Employment Solutions team.



1.    That Cabinet approved the Corporate Financial Inclusion Plan 2023-24


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