Agenda item

Cabinet Response to Covid-19 Care Home Safety


Report from the Strategic Director for Adult Care, Housing and Public Health.




1.    That Cabinet endorses this response to the Health Select Commission’s spotlight review and accepts the recommendations.


Consideration was given to the report that provided a Cabinet response to the recommendations from the spotlight review carried out by Health Select Commission on Covid-19 Care Home Safety.


The Health Select Commission was thanked for conducting the review and the resulting recommendations. It was worth noting what Rotherham had a mixed care home market with 94% of care homes being run through the independent sector and of those the Council purchased around 35% of the care home bed capacity. The remaining market was made up of NHS funded placements, through continuing health care or step-down bed, along with a significant amount of self-funded beds. There were also some out of area funded placements as well. This demonstrated how much interaction the Council had with the independent sector. The Council also had 6% of its own care home provision, which provide significant during the pandemic in terms of providing flexibility to needs.


The section was responding to multiple commercial drivers as well as responding to the CQC and the input from the Council strategically.


The Council continued to work closely with the sector in terms of all safety measure, not just pandemic related. In terms of any further Health and Wellbeing Board reviews of the pandemic, the Council would be happy for those to be considered for future scrutiny reviews.


Resolved: That Cabinet endorsed this response to the Health Select Commission’s spotlight review and accepted the recommendations.

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