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Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Report

The Chair and Leonie Weiser, Policy Officer, to present


The Chair introduced the Health and Well-Being Board’s Annual Report 2022/23. He began by thanking all the partners for their commitment to delivering Rotherham’s health and well-being strategy and working together to improve outcomes for local people.


The four aims of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy were:

       All children get the best start in life and go on to achieve their potential

       All Rotherham people enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing and have a good quality of life

       All Rotherham people live well for longer

       All Rotherham people live in healthy, safe and resilient communities


While these aims remained the same since inception of the strategy in 2018, the strategic priorities underpinning each aim were refreshed in summer 2021. The strategy was updated to reflect these priorities in 2022 and the Health and Wellbeing Board agreed the revised strategy in September 2022.


The report detailed key achievements against each of these aims.


It was noted that he Health and Wellbeing Board was a statutory sub-committee of the Council and an integral part of Rotherham’s wider strategic partnership structures that sat under the Rotherham Together Partnership. Following the changes to Integrated Care Systems in July 2022, Rotherham became one of the four constitutive Places in the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System, with some Health and Wellbeing Board members providing representation at the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership. The Rotherham Place Board continued to report into the Health and Wellbeing Board and took strategic direction from the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


The timeline outlining these changes were as follows.

       July 2022 -Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group became South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

       September 2022 the Board approved refreshed health and well-being strategy and action plan. Board agreed nominations for the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership

       March 2023 -South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy was agreed and launched. The memorandum of understanding formalising the role of Board sponsors was signed off.


The Chair gave details of the Health Inequalities Event held in February 2023. Supported by the Local Government Association, the South Yorkshire event explored opportunities for collaboration through the newly established South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board to discuss inequalities across a range of health outcomes. Key partners, were brought together to:


       Explore how partners can work together at place level to deliver on tackling health inequalities

       Identify opportunities to work on a South Yorkshire footprint around this agenda

       Hear examples of current work happening across the patch and feed into ICP and ICB strategy on health inequalities


The workshops informed development of the NHS Joint Forward Plan and locally, learning from the event is taken forward through Rotherham’s Prevention and Health Inequalities Group


Details were given of the Board’s annual feedback survey; the following points were highlighted:


       Good response rate (8/15 members and 4/8 organisations)

       Average rating of 8.38/10 for overall working of the board over the past year (responses ranging from 6-10)

       Positive feedback on partnership working and commitment, range of agenda items

       Continuing with the progress and development of the Board:

      Developing ambition in plans, developing new initiatives and approaches

      Wider determinants work: breadth of items could be developed (importance of housing, more items from outside of core health and care partners)

       Importance of board sponsors having oversight of their strands

       Points raised will be addressed in board sponsor meetings and through board development meeting in November.


It was outlined that reducing health inequalities and prevention and early intervention would continue to be key to the Health and Wellbeing Board over the next year.


The Board would also oversee delivery through partnerships and partners, monitored through the Health and Wellbeing Strategy action plan. Other priorities included:


       Signing the OHID Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health.

       Developiong relationships within the new South Yorkshire Integrated Care System.

       Alignment of aims with the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy.

       Reducing health inequalities between our most and least deprived communities was continued.

       Addressing the wider determinants of health to embed health equity in all policies.


The Chair thanked Leonie Weiser, Policy Officer, for her work in compiling the report.


Resolved: That the Annual Report 2022/23 be approved.

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