Agenda item

Questions from Members of the Public


To receive questions from members of the public who wish to ask a general question in respect of matters within the Council’s area of responsibility or influence.


Subject to the Chair’s discretion, members of the public may ask one question and one supplementary question, which should relate to the original question and answered received.


Councillors may also ask questions under this agenda item.


A question was received from Mr Smith who wanted to know when the Masterplan for Dinnington Town Centre would be available?


The Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment explained the plan had been put on hold whilst a bid for the Levelling Up fund had been submitted, this was to enable the Council to submit a higher bid. It was explained that Masterplans took around 6 months to a year to complete.


In his supplementary, Mr Smith noted he had received emails from the Assistant Director, Planning, Regeneration & Transport saying consultation with the Town Council would be undertaken in February 2023 however there had been no contact. He queried why there had been no consultation with Dinnington Town Council if the plan was in draft.


The Assistant Director, Planning, Regeneration & Transport explained this was interlinked with the Levelling Up fund bid so it was prudent to keep the Masterplan in draft.


The Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment confirmed that the engagement with members and others in the locality would take place however the Council was still awaiting details of the criteria and funding from the Government which will also need to be considered as part of that engagement.


A question was received from Councillor Tinsley who noted that Dinnington and Wath had been successful in their bids for the Levelling Up fund, it was asked if the allocated £2m from the Towns and Villages fund be allocated to fund improvements in places like Maltby, Thurcroft and will Maltby high street very much on the agenda locally, will meaningful discussions be held on the Masterplan improvements for Maltby high street?


The Leader responded to explain that the funding for that project had been set aside when the Levelling Up fund wasn’t available.  Now the Levelling Up fund was available the Council needed to work through the implications to understand what may happen with that funding. The intention through the Towns and Villages fund was to give special priority to that area. There was a great deal of uncertainty at the moment in terms of understanding all the implications around the funding available for that area.


In his supplementary, Councillor Tinsley noted that Masterplans could take up to twelve months to create and queried if Maltby’s Masterplan was underway?


The Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment explained that Maltby’s Masterplan was underway. The details could be shared in a matter of weeks to enable discussions to being.


A question was received from Councillor Ball who mentioned that Riverside House cost taxpayers around £5m per year, he asked if it was acceptable to have an average occupancy rate of 31%?


The Leader explained following the pandemic the world of flexible working had moved on at pace. A policy was in place that regulated how services operated. Further work would be undertaken on this which would be considered by the Staffing Committee when completed. The occupancy rate would rise over time however the key thing was that services were delivered effectively for the public.