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Place Plan Priorities Close Down Report - May 2023

To consider a report and presentation summarising outcomes from the delivery of the Rotherham Place Plan up to May 2023.


Consideration was given to a presentation from the Deputy Place Director on the Rotherham Place Plan Close Down Report from May 2023 which summarised the objectives achieved and carried over to 2023-25. Approximately 50% of the actions were complete and that the remaining 50% will be picked up in the refreshed Place Plan as they are ongoing priorities. The development of Rotherham Place Partnership 2023-25 was described.


Inputs into the development of Rotherham Place Partnership 2023-25 Place Plan included:

       Interactive development sessions with both the contract and service improvement leads and Place Board and senior managers focussing on priorities

       Alignment with the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy and the Joint Forward Plan

        Annual Operational Planning Guidance

       Continued alignment with the Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Strategy

       Outputs from the Update of Priorities: Close Down Report

       Inputs and comments from all place partners


Key outputs from the development session discussions confirmed:

1.    The following chapters were within the previous Plan and remain in the refreshed version:

       Best Start in Life (maternity / children & young people)

       Improving mental health and wellbeing

       Support people with learning disabilities & autism

       Urgent, emergency and community care

2.    The following are new chapters:

       Live Well for Longer (prevention, self-care & long-term conditions)

       Palliative and End of Life Care


Ongoing Performance was also described:

       As with previous Place Plans, a performance report covering both KPIs, and milestones will be produced and regularly reported to Place Board

       This will enable issues, risks and blockages to be identified and addressed


In discussion, Members requested additional details around monitoring targets was done, for example pertaining to mental health. It was noted that SMI health checks were now above target where they were previously amber. The transformation group works collectively to deliver any that are off target. Tender process to commission the peer support service, and have not found a provider. 


Clarification was requested around the targets which are being carried over. The response from the Cabinet Member noted that some of the points had not been completed this year because they are ongoing. The page count of next years’ document had been reduced by half, and an easy read version had been requested. This document had been discussed at the Place Board in Rotherham and was reported to the Health and Wellbeing Board for added transparency. This then feeds into the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System  and the Integrated Care Partnership.


The co-opted member from Speakup noted that easy read has its place, but a Plain English version, which adopts a straightforward and direct tone was welcome. The response from the Cabinet Member that this suggestion would be taken back to the Place Board for consideration.


Clarification was requested regarding training around working with people with autism and learning disabilities. The response from the Cabinet Member noted that the South Yorkshire Police are a key partner to the health and wellbeing board, and training is a good idea. An offer to extend this training to Members was in discussion as well, as SYP do this training.




1.    That the report be noted.


2.    That consideration be given to creating a Plain English version of future Place Priorities Plans.


3.    That narrative be provided around the amber targets.


4.    That the support of Members for a continued focus on improving equality of access and experience of services be noted.

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