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Cumulative Impact Assessment (Licensing Act 2003)

Report from the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment. 



1.    That Cabinet adopts the Cumulative Impact Assessment that is attached to this report as Appendix 1.


Consideration was given to the report which presented the findings of the review and consultation on the Cumulative Impact Assessment. The Council published a Cumulative Impact Assessment for the first time in 2020, alongside a full review of the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy and Cumulative Impact Statement, as part of the Licensing Act 2003. Although the Council’s Licensing Policy was not required to be reviewed until 2025, the Cumulative Impact Assessment had to be reviewed every 3 years. The Council’s current Cumulative Impact Assessment impacted part of Wickersley North, and Thurcroft and Wickersley South Wards.


In 2020, the Council implemented a Cumulative Impact Policy, as part of the Statement of Licensing Policy, which outlined the Council’s approach to Cumulative Impact within the Borough. The Policy included a Cumulative Impact Assessment for an area of Wickersley, as the Council believed that the number of licensed premises within the area was such that any further premises would be inconsistent with the promotion of the licensing objectives.


The current Cumulative Impact Assessment had been reviewed and consulted upon. In total, there had been 53 responses to the consultation, 47 of which related to Wickersley. The key findings from the consultation were set out in paragraphs 2.4 to 2.12. As a result of the consultation, the Council was not proposing to introduce a Cumulative Impact Assessment in any other part of the Borough as there was limited evidence that it was required or would be appropriate. The Council also thought it inappropriate to amend the current Cumulative Impact Assessment and therefore it should remain in place until the next review.


The Cumulative Impact Assessment was attached to the report at Appendix 1 with a summary of the consultation responses attached at Appendix 2.




1.    That Cabinet adopts the Cumulative Impact Assessment that is attached to this report as Appendix 1.

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