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Questions on Transport Issues


The Transportation Advisory Group noted the questions and answers on transport matters that had been submitted in advance of the meeting and included within the agenda pack.


In response to the question submitted by Councillor Castledine-Dack and answer received, Nathan Broadhead reported that anti-social behaviour covered all areas of South Yorkshire and particularly increased at this time of the year resulting in some bus services being pulled from certain areas.


SYMCA and the operators funded a South Yorkshire Police Sergeant.  The Police helped/supported and worked with the operators including a Trojan Bus Scheme where they travelled on business.  There was an increased presence at the moment in key areas with Dinnington Interchange being one of them.  It was difficult for the operators as they had to protect their drivers, vehicles and passengers; they did not pull out of estates until the point where they were putting people’s lives at risk.  No services had been pulled from Dinnington but they were missing parts of the route.  The Police had action plans specifically for that.


Simon Moss, Assistant Director, Planning, Regeneration and Transportation, reported that, from the regeneration perspective, Dinnington was part of the Levelling Up Fund Scheme looking at the public realm in Dinnington High Street.  Consideration was being given as to how better open those elements of public realm so there was more natural surveillance of the Interchange and the urban realm was more open.  The anti-social behaviour element was part of the consideration. 


In response to the question submitted by Councillor Pitchley and answer received, Nathan Broadhead gave a current update on what may be possible but as yet could not be confirmed.


First Bus had made the commercial cuts for the removal of services in south Rotherham which was a decision they could make.  SYMCA were now spending £21M, where they used to spend £7M, on public services and buying back the vast majority of the south Rotherham network.  SYMCA had replaced buses on an hourly basis which was the standard they replaced services on. 


However, there was an option to look at re-routing service 26 so the journeys that normally ran to Wales before going to Thorpe Salvin could go via Swallownest first.


Discussions had taken place with the operator.  From now until mid-December that was on a temporary timetable because of the major roadworks taking place at Harthill and Woodall.  After that point, probably January 2024, options were being considered to reinstate something for Crystal Peaks from the Aston/Swallownest area.  It would not be all the way from Rotherham or provide a link from Crystal Peaks to Rotherham but it may be possible to link the service 26 into Swallownest through Swallownest High Street, potentially around some of the estates as well. 


In response to the question submitted by Councillor Hoddinott and answer received, Nathan Broadhead reported that, following on from Matt’s comments in the previous Minute, there was a really good process with the 4 South Yorkshire district, bus operators, SYMCA and the respective Highway Teams.  However, it could be challenging at times.

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