Agenda item

RMBC Transportation Unit - Updates


Matt Reynolds, Head of Transport Infrastructure Service, gave the following powerpoint presentation:-


Moor Road Cycleway

¾     Now complete


Manvers Bridge

¾     Completed ahead of programme and under budget

¾     Hoping to be operational very shortly


Recent Events

¾     Working tirelessly since Friday, 20th October to try and make sure that, from a transport perspective, routes were managed as much as possible 

There had been last minute changes to bus routes where there had been flooding

¾     Trying to get roads back open as safely as possible working within the confines of getting the drainage, traffic signals up and working and the roads safe for use.  However, a lot of people had abused some of the restrictions and therefore got stuck having gone through flood water.  This was despite road closure signs

¾     It was hoped to get thing back to normal as soon as possible


Transforming Cities Schemes

¾     All on site


HS2 and Network North

¾     Development of a Network North

Improved connectivity between towns and cities known as Northern Powerhouse Rail

¾     Electrification between Sheffield and Manchester

Hope Valley Line improvements and 42 minute journey time

¾     Electrification between Sheffield and Leeds

Links to the HS2 to Leeds Terms of Reference but safeguarded land still exists

¾     Road Schemes

A shift in narrative and road building schemes mentioned for the first time for a long time

Road schemes had a place certainly for unlocking existing congestion but were timebound.  Parkway widening was a good example – provides short term relief on congestion but would fill up at some time.  A more sustainable approach was to re-mode people/change perceptions and find alternative ways of getting around.  First time in long time that Government committed to building road schemes

¾     Bus Funding

Money made available to local bus services and the fare cap extension

¾     HS2

Was still happening but between London and Birmingham


Network North (DfT document - Transforming British Transport) for Rotherham

¾     Rotherham Mainline Station

Connections to Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham and potentially London

¾     Waverley Station – Sheffield to Lincoln

¾     Barrow Hill Line Re-opening

Existing freight line

Sheffield to Chesterfield potentially link into Stocksbridge

¾     £2 Bus Fare Cap

Extended to the end of 2024

¾     Bus Service Improvement Plans

Noted to fund hundreds of ‘new’ local bus routes

¾     Potholes

£8.3bn to fix potholes nationally.  Within the northern area it was £3.3bn

¾     Supertram Renewal and Extensions

Not clear what this meant

Supertram was returning to public ownership as from the new financial year

¾     Local Transport Funding

CRSTS2 allocations had been increased from £0.9bn to £1.4bn for South Yorkshire

¾     Contactless Smart Ticketing – across the country


Network North Reflections

¾     Not actual funding commitments – not costed or included in the Autumn Statement

¾     Much of it was already funded so already budgets in place

¾     Not northern – it was national

¾     Ambiguity around status.  No consultation or subject to formal testing

¾     Still required business case assessments

¾     There was a distinct lack of strategic clarity

¾     No mention of Doncaster Sheffield Airport


Bus Service Improvement Plans

¾     Established after Covid to strategically manage declining bus patronage

¾     Aligned to investment in bus priority and other measures in the National Bus Strategy

¾     Asked to be ambitious to harness funding for local bus services

¾     Linked to either an Enhanced Partnership or Bus Franchising

¾     April 2022 South Yorkshire bid received £0

¾     October 2023 confirmed additional funding to improve bus services:

·        ‘Get Around for £2’ cost of living support scheme will be extended from 1st November to 31st December, 2024

·        £3.1M for South Yorkshire in both 2023/24 and 2024/25 for bus services improvement with an additional £7.8M revenue allocation in 2024/25


Plan for Drivers – sets out what the Government expect to see

¾     30 point plan aimed to make driving easier

¾     Appears to be contradictory to other policies – Gear Change and the National Bus Strategy as well as planning policies

¾     Bus Lanes

¾     20 mph zones – only where they are needed and enforceable

¾     15 minute neighbourhoods and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

15 minute neighbourhoods had been misrepresented many times – the aim was to try and get people to use services that were within 15 minutes of their home

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods – been in place for a number of years some of which have been very successful

¾     Calls for more enforcement (permits for utility companies etc.) but also less enforcement (disobeying traffic laws etc.)

¾     Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

¾     Guidance awaited


Local Neighbourhood Road Safety Schemes

¾     Tranche 1 moving into delivery

¾     Tranche 2 moving into project mandate stage

¾     Managing major increases in costs


General Updates

¾     Closure of rail station ticket offices

No feedback as yet

Rotherham’s response submitted as well as contribution to SYMCA’s response

¾     Local Transport Plan Update

Guidance still not released and not sure given recent announcements

Looking to do some engagement and consultation early to define local needs and thoughts