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To consider the recommendation from Cabinet regarding their response to the scrutiny review recommendations on the impact of selective licensing.


Further to Minute No. 94 of the Cabinet meeting held on 20th November, 2023, consideration was given to the report which outlined the response of the Cabinet to the recommendations made by Scrutiny following their review on the impact of Selective Licensing.


On 18 September 2023 Cabinet received a report titled ‘Scrutiny Review Recommendations – Impact of Selective Licensing.’ The report gave a detailed account of the current scheme outlining its strengths and weaknesses. The report identified 4 key risk factors to the success of the scheme:

1.      pandemic-related delays,

2.      a shortage of experienced inspectors,

3.      a rising cost of living

4.      complexity of measuring impact on deprivation


The review had produced 8 recommendations which had all been accepted by Cabinet:


a)      That re-inspection be prioritised for landlords whose properties have required action previously.


b)      Consideration be given as to how the Council may support retention of experienced inspectors already in the Council’s employment.


c)      That consideration be given to incentivising responsible landlords, and, where there is a proven track record, empowering landlords to self-assess, provided that the service can still obtain assurances that decent standards are maintained.


d)      That consideration be given to managing expectations around Selective Licensing as a measure focused on the health of residents, rather than aesthetics or regeneration.


e)      That consideration be given to how uptake of the cost-of-living support offer among families in Selective Licensing areas may be further promoted and monitored, with a view to identifying gaps and promoting financial inclusion.


f)       Given the complexity of measuring impact on deprivation and difficulty in improving relative levels of deprivation, that consideration be given to how internal measures may better reflect the real impact of the scheme.


g)      That a joined-up approach be sought with relevant Council strategies and services, with partner and voluntary sector organisations and with resident-led initiatives prior to any future Selective Licensing declaration.


h)      That engagement with landlords and with tenants be considered alongside any response to the above recommendations, and that the response to the above recommendations be subject to the learning derived from continued engagement with landlords and tenants.


An update in relation to proposed actions was provided at paragraph 2.1 of the Cabinet report. During the meeting, the Deputy Leader advised that 5 of the recommendations were in progress and the other 3 would be considered as part of any future schemes.


During the meeting, the Deputy Leader gave her thanks to the Members of Scrutiny who had carried out the review.


A number of Opposition Members indicated that they would be voting against the recommendation. They felt that the recommendations did not help resolve the issues identified with Selective Licensing areas and further work was required. The Chair of the Improving Places Select Commission stated that work would continue on the matter.


Councillor Tinsley asked for an update on the number of inspection that were taking place. The Deputy Leader confirmed that a written response would be provided.




1.    That Council note Cabinet’s response to the recommendations as summarised in the Cabinet’s Response to the Scrutiny review – Selective Licensing at Appendix 1.


Mover:- Councillor Allen               Seconder:- Councillor Cusworth

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