Agenda item

Work Programme - mid year update

To consider the Board’s Work Programme.






1.    Note the report.


2.    Review the work programmes (as detailed in Appendix 1) and determine if any further action or reprioritisation is required.


3.     Note the progress made in implementing the recommendations from scrutiny reviews (as detailed in Appendix 2) and determine if any further action is required.


The Chair put on record her thanks to Katherine Harclerode for her work in supporting Health Select Commission and Improving Places Select Commission. She wished her well in her future career.


The Senior Governance Adviser introduced a report which provided the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (OSMB) with an update on the scrutiny work programme and the progress of implementing the agreed recommendations from scrutiny reviews (from May 2022 to the present day).


The 2023/24 work programmes for each of the Select Commissions and OSMB were agreed at the June/July cycle of meetings early in the municipal year. The work programmes were attached as Appendix 1.


Details were provided of the criteria endorsed by OSMB to prioritise its scrutiny work programming and reviews. It was noted that individual work programmes were submitted to each Commission or Board meeting for comment and amendment and remained dynamic and responsive to items which may arise (for example referral of petitions or actions arising from Council Motions).


It was noted that 19 scrutiny meetings had been held since the start of the municipal year with over 50 separate items being considered across the Commissions and OSMB. Additional fact-finding meetings, reviews and workshops had also been held.


Details of reviews and project work were outlined. It should be noted that due to diary commitments, resource capacity and other priorities being identified, it had not been possible to complete work on all projects/reviews within the projected timescales.  Members were asked to review programmed activity at this mid-point and prioritise work over the remaining municipal year as required.


It was outlined that all-out elections were to be held in May 2024, and to avoid ‘legacy’ reviews/issues being referred to new committees, scrutiny work should ideally be concluded in advance of the pre-election period being called.


Consideration was also given to the progress of implementing accepted scrutiny review recommendations, noting that a tracker had been developed to capture the following information:


                Details of key information and dates (with hyperlinks to documents if hosted on the Council’s website),

                What prompted the review (member request, call for action etc),

                Evidence of progress,

                Accountable directorate and/or external body

                Link to Council Plan theme.


It was noted that the tracker was reported on a quarterly basis to the Senior Leadership Team in order that progress was maintained on the implementation of agreed action and any delays mitigated an early stage. It was noted that of the reviews reported to Council, the majority of recommendations were substantially complete or ongoing. To date, all scrutiny recommendations considered by Cabinet have been accepted.


Members were asked to review progress made in implementing the recommendations from scrutiny reviews (as detailed in appendix 2) and determine if any further action was required.


The Chair invited comments and questions from Board Members:


·      The Nature Recovery review was complete and was expected to report in early 2024.

·      Improving Places Select Commission wish to undertake a spotlight review on household waste recycling centres and asked that this be prioritised.

·      It would not be possible to prioritise the motion on road safety referred from Council in the current municipal year.

·      Clarification was sought on the status of the bylaws and safety equipment. It was outlined that its progress had been delayed but it would be prioritised as part of the next work programme.

·      It was noted that expert witnesses could be co-opted onto reviews as required.

·       Activities undertaken by members of Improving Lives Select Commission were outlined. This included reviewing a draft strategy and responding to a Government consultation exercise on Elective Home Education. 




1.    That the report be noted.

2.    That the work programmes (as detailed in Appendix 1) be noted and further prioritisation be undertaken.

3.    That the progress made in implementing the recommendations from scrutiny reviews (as detailed in Appendix 2) be noted.

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