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Tree Planting Plan 2021 -2031 Updated February 2024

15/04/2024 - Tree Planting Plan 2021 -2031 Updated February 2024





Date of Decision:

10th April 2024


Tree Planting Plan

Decision Maker:

(Including Job Title)

Polly Hamilton

Assistant Director – Culture Sport and Tourism



Details of Specific Cabinet Delegation

or Delegation contained in the relevant Sub-Scheme of Delegation.


As per Sub-Scheme of Delegation:


The development of plans, protocols and strategies for culture, leisure, sports, green spaces, landscape design and tourism.


To approve the March 2024 update to the Tree Planting Plan 2021 - 2030

Reasons for the Decision:

The Council committed to several broad aims for tree planting within its Tree Management & Maintenance Protocol which was first adopted in August 2021 and an update subsequently adopted in December 2023. The initial commitment in the protocol was for a minimum number of trees to be planted over a ten-year period from 2021 to 2031, to deliver a net increase in tree numbers and a net growth in woodland cover across the Rotherham borough.


The Tree Planting Plan reports on progress in the delivery against the targets in the plan, sets out the consultation framework, the financial investment, and records the existing and planned locations for future planting.


Details of alternative options considered and rejected:

Not to approve the Tree Planting Plan.  This was rejected because the Plan provides the best way to place on record the information set out above.


Conflicts of interest declared by any Cabinet Member consulted by the decision maker which relates to the decision:


Dispensations Granted:

(If any)


Reports or parts of reports considered

·       Appendix 1 Tree Planting Plan

·       Appendix 2 Equalities Screening Part A

·       Appendix 3 Carbon Impact Assessment

·       Appendix 4 Tree Safety Management Protocol


The report of Zoe Oxley, Head of Operations and Business Transformation and Andy Lee, Green Spaces Manager on the March 2024 update of the Tree Planting Plan 2021 - 2030




I certify that this is a true record of the executive decision to ….


Approve the March 2024 update of the Tree Planting Plan 2021 – 2030



Signed by the Decision Maker  

Dated:                                         10th April 2024


Name:                                         Polly Hamilton

Job Title:                                   Assistant Director – Culture Sport and Tourism