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Members’ Allowances – Restoration of full payment of Special Responsibility Allowance for Cabinet Members

11/12/2017 - Members' Allowances - Restoration of Entitlement to Full Payment of Special Responsibility Allowances

Consideration was given to the report which confirmed following the further restoration of decision making powers to the Council in September, 2017, all executive functions have been returned to the Cabinet with the exception of Children’s Social Care, which was subject to a separate intervention regime.


This report, therefore, proposed that the Lead Commissioner agree that the full payment of special responsibility allowances to Cabinet Members be restored with effect from the date that powers were returned to the Council on 12th September, 2017.


Commissioner Kenny agreed:-  That Council be recommended to consider approval of the restoration of entitlement to 100% of the special responsibility allowance for the Leader of the Council, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members, in accordance with the Member Allowances Scheme, with effect from 12th September, 2017.