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(R & E) Herringthorpe Stadium – Refurbishment and Repairs

22/11/2021 - (R & E) Herringthorpe Stadium – Refurbishment and Repairs






Date Of Decision:


16 November 2021

Decision Maker:

(Including Job Title)


Simon Moss (Assistant Director, Planning, Regeneration & Transport)

Specific Delegation:

(If any)



Brief Description of Decision:



The decision is to award the contract for the refurbishment of the Herringthorpe stadium in line with the tender evaluation report.


The works are being funded and approved from the Regeneration and Environment Services (R&E) Capital Programme 2019-24 (approved at the Council meeting on the 26February 2020 which included the sum of £254,000  for Herringthorpe Stadium and in addition there is an allocation from the Operational Estates Maintenance Capital Budget (as approved V10 SOP) of £110,000 for refurbishment of the building at Herringthorpe Stadium with a further allocation of £68,217 (as approved in V13 SOP) identified to fund this project.


Reasons for the Decision:




This project was procured using the Rotherham Construction Partnership4 (RCP4) framework. The RCP4 Framework is OJEU compliant and was procured by the Council. The procurement of the RCP4 framework was approved by the Acting Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment on 04/12/2018. The decision to award the RCP Framework was approved by the Strategic Director on 3rd June 2019. In line with the procurement regulations, all the contractors within the relevant Lot are invited to submit a tender price.


The procedure was conducted in line with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and the Council’s own Financial and Procurement Procedure Rules.

Details of Alternative Options Considered and Rejected:



Where the decision is made under specific delegation from a decision making body, the names of any member of the relevant body who has declared a conflict of interest in relation to the decision and name of the body granting the specific delegation and the date when it did so:



Background Papers:


Tender evaluation report - exempt



I certify that this is a true record of the decision in relation to Herringthorpe Stadium refurbishment and repairs.


Signed by the Decision Maker  



Dated: 16 November 2021         


Name: Simon Moss                                       

Job Title:   Assistant Director, Planning, Regeneration & Transport