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(FCS) ICT Data Network Infrastructure Refresh

08/10/2021 - (FCS) ICT Data Network Infrastructure Refresh





Date of Decision:


11 August 2021

Decision Maker:

(Including Job Title)


Luke Sayers, Assistant Director – Customer, Information and Digital Services

Specific Delegation:

(If any)



Brief Description of Decision:



To award a contract through the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation procurement framework to CAE Technology Services for the supply, installation and support of network hardware, licensing, support and professional services to replace the Council’s end-of-life networking infrastructure.


Reasons for the Decision:

The Council only received one tender submission from CAE Technology Services.


The Council sourced a suitable Cisco gold accredited partner that can meet and deliver the Councils specified requirements.


The Council has achieved a social value commitment of £10,050.84 from the successful bidder.  The bidder will contribute to NT16 – equipment or resources donated to VCSEs (£ equivalent value).


Because of the above reasons the Council made the decision to award the contract to CAE Technology Services on 19 August 2021. 


Details of Alternative Options Considered and Rejected:


The alternative option of using an alternative configuration and hardware manufacturer was   rejected on the grounds of cost and inhouse expertise/knowledge.

Where the decision is made under specific delegation from a decision making body, the names of any member of the relevant body who has declared a conflict of interest in relation to the decision and name of the body granting the specific delegation and the date when it did so:


No conflict of interest

Background Papers:




I certify that this is a true record of the decision in relation to Virtual Compute Platform Reseller.


Signed by the Decision Maker:                       


Dated:         4 October 2021


Name:        Luke Sayers              


Job Title: Assistant Director – Customer, Information & Digital Services